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Soleus Pulse: A Strapless Heart Rate Monitor for the Modern Day Athlete

by on Mar 30th, 2014

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Late last year, I shared a little bit about the Soleus GPS Fit. A few months have passed and I’m still loving it. Not only is it useful for my runs, but it’s colorful designs have made it more of a fashion accessory as well. How are you guys doing with your Soleus watches? Do share!

Well anyway, a few weeks ago, Soleus once again invited blogger friends to the unveiling of two new products – the Soleus Pulse and the Soleus Go. More on the Soleus Go in another article.  So what’s so special about the Soleus Pulse and why should you have your own?



Soleus Pulse: Heart Rate Monitor unboxed


Soleus Pulse:  A Strapless Heart Rate Monitor for the Modern Day Athlete

As the title already states, the Soleus Pulse works as a strapless heart rate monitor for athletes. As a runner, I know how important a heart rate monitor is for most athletes. Admittedly, not everyone needs it, but knowing your heart rate zone can be very useful in measuring how effective your workouts can be. You can use your heart rate zone to determine whether you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.



The Soleus Pulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor


A lot of us, especially runners, have gotten used to watches or devices that require us to strap on a heart rate monitor to our chest. It is very effective, but I personally don’t feel comfortable in it. The strap often gets too tights as I progress in my run, moreover, the strap rubs against my skin and causes it to chafe. Hence, I’ve just decided to stop wearing them (unless I really feel the need). Thankfully, Soleus has found a solution to that with their new Soleus Pulse.


The new Soleus Pulse with charger


I’m still fascinated at the way we charge the Soleus watches! Just like a car battery!



Soleus Pulse takes away the bulky strap and puts it on your wrist, making movements more comfortable while still being able to monitor heart rate. The Soleus Pulse has a few of the same features as the Soleus GPS Fit such as the interval times, 5 alarms, etc. The biggest addition however is of course the Heart Rate Monitor and HRM zones.



Those metal things by the strap are what detect your heart rate through your pulse



The green light means that the heart rate monitor is on



With the Soleus Pulse, you no longer have to bring a heart rate strap or even your phone when you run. Just put this on and you can immediately track all the date you need for your run! These are basically the features of the Soleus Pulse.



Soleus-pulse-strapless-heart-rate-monitor-08Soleus Pulse: What to expect



And of course, as part of Soleus’ goal to be the brand that not only helps runners but inspires and encourages people to do things and go further, the Soles Pulse has the squiff at the back that says “Never Miss a Beat”



Soleus hopes to aspire future generations through their innovations

The Soleus Pulse can be bought at various sports and watch shops including Riovanna and L Time Studio for Php 7,950.00. Grab your Soleus watch and start creating those Soleus moments!….I know I have.


P.S. To get more accurate results, DO NOT wear the Soleus Pulse on top of your wrist bone. Wear it a little below and make sure it is tight enough (not too tight though!)


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