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How to Maintain Light and Glowing Skin this Summer

by on Apr 5th, 2017

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The time to relax and enjoy the beach has come around again. Summer,  is a much-awaited season especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. Every woman often prepares to have a skinny look body and wear their swimsuits once or twice a year. Some go crazy reducing their weight and some just do not care.

But weight is not the only health care you should look after this summer.

Being exposed to the sun this summer is definitely fine. You’ll get your skin tanned and most of the time, this is what men and women wanted after a whole day or two in a beach. But not for some who always dreamed to have light and glowing skin. Although they want to enjoy the summer, they are scared to get their body exposed under the sun.

Eat an Apple Fruits Regularly

According to Caloribee, there are 10 fruits you can regularly eat in order to achieve glowing skin. Fruits are a good way to clean your body from within. By nourishing your body inside, your skin will look healthy and alive. Moreover, eating fruits will not just give you lighter skin but will also make your body healthy and can keep you away from illnesses.

Your skin can also benefit from natural vitamins that fruits naturally have. So you don’t have to drink any tablets in order to give your body Vitamins.

Exercise Regularly

Did you know that working out on a regular basis has a positive result on our skin? Normally, we always think that regular exercise is just to stretch our body and make us sweat. But by doing regular exercise, you are helping your body to increase blood flow which nourishes skin cells.

If you don’t believe me, here is the article which has it all :)

Take Vitamins

Although I said earlier that you do not have to eat fruits to achieve Vitamin C, I would still recommend taking Vitamins as you go with eating fruits. Why? There is good research about this topic and you will be surprised to see what the research has found.

Personally, I do still think that taking natural and synthetic is fine. But you will have to observe your body whichever you in-take to your body because you know what’s good for you more than anyone else. Right?

Avoid Often Sun Exposure

While summer is about being exposed to the sun, you still can’t go out there all day long! You’ll probably get burned – and that’s for sure. But there is really a definite time of the day you should not go out there because it can definitely damage your skin and can even cause skin cancer.
Take Whitening Products
In-taking whitening products should not be out of the question. There are some good products that can really lighten your skin. Though they can a bit expensive you are guaranteed to have lighter skin even during or after summer. There are reviews you can read or user feedback to see which product will benefit you. But always keep in mind to do research or ask some people who have used the whitening product you have in mind.

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