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Soleus Go: The Most Comprehensive Activity Tracker

by on Apr 6th, 2014

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a device that could track the calories we intake, the steps we take, the sleep we get and more? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a device that reminded us to move a bit, to exercise or just to smile? Well, guess what, the new Soleus Go does just that and more!



Soleus Go: unboxing


Ever heard of a baller id on steroids? Well the Soleus GO is just that, a band with lots of cool features, not just the date and time. It’s like a baller ID that you sync with your android or iphone and it automatically shows your your calls, messages and even Facebook notifications. Yeah you heard that right, even Facebook notifications. Cool huh? but that is not the most interesting part of the Soleus GO because like most of the Soleus watches it does all kinds of things to monitor your day to day activities.




Soleus GO is water resistant

This is important because the device will definitely take a hit from forces of nature especially for those who have a very active life style. Just remember to avoid pressing the buttons while the GO is wet that way water will not seep into the device.


Soleus GO monitors the steps you have taken

The average man should do around 10,000 steps per day, but how do you monitor your daily steps? The Soleus GO acts as a pedometer which counts the steps you have taken, this way you would be able to see how much more activity you need to in order to meet the daily standard. This is especially motivating because it drives you to reach that 100% target goal.





Soleus GO monitors your distance traveled

This makes a lot of sense since you already know how much steps you have taken it is only fitting to know the distance you have traveled.

Soleus GO monitors your sleep

Sleep is a very important part of our daily lives that is often times neglected. Most of the time this means that means we don’t reach the daily required 8 hours of sleep. The GO gives us a little help to monitor that by setting what time you want to get to bed, it warns you that now need to go to sleep and tracks how deep your sleep is.

Soleus GO notifies you of calls and text

This is really cool, especially while running because you want to stay aware but do not want to always keep on checking your phone. This is also especially useful for meetings and even on movie theaters, this way it does not interrupt other people while being able to see important notifications.



Soleus GO syncs data with your smart phone

Syncing data with your smart phone makes tracking your progress so much simpler, the app shows statistics of all the things I mentioned above that way you could differentiate what is effective and what is not.


Soleus GO reminds you to workout (based on the time you program)

You can program how often you feel you should be moving around and the Soleus Go would let you know if you’ve overlook your workout time. It will tell you to MOVE or EXERCISE depending on your program.


P.S. The Soleus Go works with an app which is available for both ios and android. Syncing your Soleus Go with your app will make everything much easier and twice as good!


What to look for with the Soleus Go:


Soleus Go specs:




TIP: instead of pressing that button to get the time, you could do a shake gesture.


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