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Polecats Manila: Pole dancing at its Finest!

by on Oct 1st, 2011

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Just hearing the word POLE DANCING already flashes unwanted images in my head. Half naked young girls dancing on poles in a dark club trying to lure in one of the male audience in hopes that they could get some extra cash. That’s the short preview of what I picture, and I’m sure that’s what MOST of you think too. Back in the olden days, pole dancing used to be done only in night clubs and strip bars. Burlesque nights.

But this was WAY back, because pole dancing has slowly evolved into a sport and a very classy form of dancing!

Several months ago, I witnessed Tomcat AJ Bautista work that pole in several scenes of the classic musical RENT. Ciara Sotto was no stranger to the pole either. It was the first time I witnessed someone dancing on the pole in that manner. It was not “dirty” or “too sexy” but instead quite impressive and jaw dropping! The way they moved up and down… the way they held tight using their thighs…they way the spun out of control…. WOW!! just… WOW!!! And what made it even more remarkable is how GRACEFUL the entire performance was. It looked nothing like the pole dancing done in clubs and bars… this was dancing like you’ve never seen it. Who on earth ARE these people?


Polecats was founded in 2009 by one woman’s love for pole dancing. The group slowly expanded and became the FIRST organized pole dance group in the country! The group is composed of 10 polecats, 1 tomcat and several up and rising pole kitties… one of whom is Hannah Villasis of! Besides already gaining fame in our country, the Polecats have also won a couple of international competitions… one of which was the Singapore Pole Challenge 2011 where tomcat, AJ Bautista bagged the gold!

Since the musical, I’ve already seen the Polecats perform several times. They never fail to amaze me every time. I also had the opportunity to try dancing with them thrice. Twice on the pole and once for sensual grove classes. They often tell us that IT’S A LOT EASIER THAN IT LOOKS… and they’re actually right. Just like anything in life, practice makes everything better.

Taken from Polecats FB page

It took me a while to try it because I was afraid I would fail since I CAN’T DANCE! But AJ strongly encouraged me and told me you didn’t need to know how to dance, because you can learn to with the Polecats. The first time I tried it, they taught us the basics – the proper way to hold the pole, the proper way to spin, the proper way to land. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but turned out quite fun once I did. Soon, they started teaching us how to grasp the pole with our thighs! This was the difficult part! It made me realize I had no strength in my thighs. You’d think a runner like me should have much muscle in the legs but turns out I don’t. I ended up with several bruises ‘coz I put too much force on my feet! Still… the scary and unfamiliar feeling quickly turned into a fun and VERY unique experience!

“Polecats are not in the business of limits—we believe in pushing it. We are not in the business of boundaries – we find ways to go beyond it. We are not in the business of stereotypes—everyday we break it.

“Polecats aspire to elevate every individual to a level they never thought they could reach—on the pole or off of it. It’s time to turn your world upside down.”

Pole dancing chooses no age, shape or size! It doesn’t matter how slim or fat you are… if you want to dance, don’t let anyone stop you! Instead, let these cats teach you the way it’s done. Let them make you do things you never thought you could! Push your limits and exceed expectations!


The Polecats offer POLE DANCING classes for beginners and pros, STRIPTEASE classes where they teach fun and simple striptease routines, and SENSUAL GROVE classes a.k.a. SEXY POLE which is a mix of both pole dancing and striptease but toned down a bit.

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