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Footworks Dance Studio: Pole and Aerial Classes for Fun and Fitness

by on Aug 25th, 2016

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Pole dancing and Aeril Silk are sports I initially NEVER wanted to try. I wasn’t scared of the pain or height or anything like that… I just didn’t want to do it because it seemed to “feminine” for a person like me. (haha) The girls just looked so beautiful and graceful up there that I felt so intimidated. A part of me even thought it was easy, except that it had to be graceful. Nope, I was so wrong!

These sports, as easy as they may seem actually require a lot of strength, balance, control and a little bit of “sucking it in” and just doing it during the first few sessions. I would highly recommend it simply because it WILL help you reach your fitness goal, not to mention, make working out a little bit more fun and sexy!


Footworks Dance Studio

Footworks was put up by April and Rupert Feliciano about 2 years ago. They were both dancers when they were younger and soon decided to put up their own dance studio as their passion project.

According to one of its partners/ coaches Kayleen Ortiz, “the main goal of Footworks has always been to bring dance and aerial arts more accessible to everyone. Also to introduce aerial arts as a good and sustainable fitness activity.”


I went there to try two of their classes – Pole Dancing and Aerial Silk. As mentioned earlier (and probably in several older posts), I am NOT a dancer, I am NOT flexible either… so workouts like these are NOT at all easy for me. But more than just the flexibility and grace, these workouts also require a lot of strength – which many fail to realize.


Footworks Dance Studio: Aerial Silk

For this class, we were asked to wear leggings or tights. You each get your own piece of silk cloth and the basics are immediately taught. Even before you start flipping and “floating”, the most basic thing you need to learn is how to properly tie a knot. That knot is life or death!  (haha) Well in a way it is, ‘coz you have to make sure your silk cloth is secure before you attempt anything.


After getting the knot down, we tried a few simple moves. The photo above looks pretty easy, but it might not be as easy as you think. It still requires a little balance and toughening out. Of course, I couldn’t let them have all the fun, right? Well….


Grace? Poise? What words are these? (haha) So obviously I was just laughing it out. This was actually my third or 4th attempt at this position. The first few times, I was just so scared and kept giggling that all the instructors (and even the students) had to rush by my side just to make sure I don’t fall over.

Thankfully, Footworks has awesome instructors who know exactly when to hold on and when to just let you go.

Footworks-pole-dancing-07Kayleen Ortiz (Owner/ Trainer) and Marianne (WhenInManila)

Footworks-pole-dancing-08Kayleen Ortiz makes everything look so easy

Footworks Dance Studio – Pole Dancing

I tried pole dancing a few times with Polecats Manila (Kayleen is also part owner of this) . The first few times were a little bit tough… and even painful.. but once I got the hang of it, it actually became pretty fun. I would always feel so proud of myself whenever I am able to complete a routine. Though it’s been a while, I was happy to see that I could still remember a thing or two.

Pole dancing is another sport I would recommend you guys to try. It somehow brings out the grace, confidence and beauty in a person. Moreover, it’s FUN.


One misconception several of my friends always tell me is that they are too big and would look stupid on a pole. I’m pretty sure a few of you have the same thoughts. Well, allow me to stop you right there. First off, pole dancing is for anyone — big or small, male or female. No judgements here. Secondly, I’ve seen really big girls on the pole… and they were AMAZING!!! It doesn’t matter how heavy you are, it only matters how strong you want to be.

More than just the classes itself, Footworks Dance Studio is an awesome place to be because of the skilled and very helpful trainers around. They will make sure to assist you as much as you need, but will also let go to give you enough space to learn on your own.

If you’re looking for a new fun and challenging way to get fit, then drop by Footworks Dance Studio today!


Footworks Dance Studio

4th floor, 213 Katipunan Ave. Extension







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