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Complete the Circuit at the NEW 360 Fitness Club in Quezon City

by on Jan 13th, 2013

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Yesterday, January 12, marked the official store opening of the new branch of 360 Fitness Club in Quezon City. I love the circuit because it often seems so easy yet I always end up sweating A LOT! It’s also very useful for people like me who easily get bored.


Complete the Circuit at the NEW 360 Fitness Club in Quezon City

The 360 Fitness Club in QC was a lot smaller than the one in Makati, but it was still complete with the basic equipment to help get you into the right shape. They also had a studio or private room which could be used for special classes such as Zumba, Body Jam, Pole Dancing and others.

360 Fitness Club QC 05

Workout Area


360 Fitness Club QC 02

Studio Space


Circuit Challenge for the official opening

Around 20 people arrived to take on the Circuit Challenge. I originally didn’t intend to and actually arrived later than the announced time. However, the challenge hadn’t begun yet when we arrived, so… we just decided to go for it. What there to lose right? We were asked to count off and form 5 groups of 4. I apologize but I forgot my team members’ names… The Circuit Challenge was composed of 4 different exercises: Squats (with dumb bells), burpees, kettle ball swings and jumping jacks.


The challenge lasted for 15minutes. We were to do a circuit, each of us doing a different workout. The one doing the burpees needs to do a total of 12, once he or she does 12, then the members rotate. The coaches on the other hand would count the accumulated number of squats that the group is able to make in a span of 5 minutes. Our group completed 144 squats! Woooohh!! My team mates rock!


360 Fitness Club QC 01

Just stretching…

360 Fitness Club QC 04

Squats! These made my legs hurt like crazy! Mr. Running Atom on the left and Foodie from the Metro on the right.


360 Fitness Club QC 08

Our group won the circuit challenge! Yey! We got a free 10 day pass to any branch of 360 Fitness Club. Worth roughly 3,000 pesos!



360 Fitness Club Special Classes: Body Jam

Though I was already super tired and my muscles were cramping up, my friend Aileen Adalid decided she wanted to try some ZUMBA! So, even if I had 2 left feet and couldn’t dance to save my life. What’s there to lose right? 


The Zumba classes were so much fun, especially in this setting. The music was a mix of Salsa, Tango and HipHop. I loved the Hiphop most but also got lost trying to follow the steps. It was still a LOT of fun regardless. I encourage you guys to try it out at least once… even if you can’t dance. Just let your body move to the music. At one point, Aileen and I got so lost that we just invented our own steps! haha yeah baby, bounce, bounce!

360 Fitness Club QC 03


Overall, I had a lot of fun! If you want to lose those excess fats and get the dream body you want in a fun and “fast-paced” way, then 360 Fitness Club is the perfect gym for you! Drop by and give them a visit! Free trials!


360 Fitness Club QC 07

Thanks to my friends (L to R) Aileen, Cholo and Ivy for joining me at the Grand Opening of 360 Fitness Club Quezon City



Complete the circuit at the following branches:

360 Fitness Club

Email: [email protected]



13th Floor, Strata 100 Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Ave.)
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Landline:  577-7807
Mobile: 0917-5600360


7th floor, 107 Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Landline: 940-9575
Mobile: 0917-8600360
Duo: 02 623-0911



2nd floor, Esna bldg., 30 Timog Ave., Quezon City



360 Fitness Club QC 06


Complete the Circuit at the NEW 360 Fitness Club in Quezon City


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