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FitFil Fitness Boot Camp with Coach Jim Saret

by on Jul 17th, 2012

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Back in my teenage years, I remember weighing around 115++ pounds.. it wasn’t really bad except that my body wasn’t proportional when I gained weight…by that I mean my chin and belly got really fat but the rest of my body stayed thin. Hence, I started trying to lose weight. I failed miserably until I just stopped paying too much attention to my weight and just started eating a balanced meal instead.

Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed life to the fullest and just started eating whatever I want… but once I start putting on weight… even if it’s just ONE POUND, I have to go on a quick diet! Hence, my weekly runs helped me in maintaining my diet. But…it wasn’t enough. I wanted to get fitter and I wanted to start going to the gym! However, the gym sometimes bores me and I end up quitting midway. I needed some motivation.


FitFil Fitness Boot Camp

When I first read about this online, I immediately started counting my money! I HAD to join this! Without any second thoughts, I clicked the REGISTER button and signed up. The following day, I started looking for some friends to join me.

FitFil Fitness Boot Camp is led by the famous Coach Jim Saret along with his team of fit, healthy and really nice coaches… most of whom were participants on the reality TV show, The Biggest Loser.



The Boot Camp is composed of 15 sessions of full body workouts and so far, we’re already on our 10th session! 5 more to go! If there were one word to describe these sessions… “BUGBUGAN!”. I’m not sure how to expand that in English… but let’s just say we are squeezed to do whatever we can and to sweat as much as we can within 2 hours.



We’ve done typical exercises like crunches, push ups and running…and moved on to more complicated ones like the bear crawl, burpees, superman and many many more! As they explain what we’re supposed to do, I always feel weak thinking, “Oh s*%#, I can’t do that!” but somehow at the end of the day, I am always able to complete the workout! It’s tiring… it’s painful…but we keep our eye on the goal and stay focus! You have to work hard to get what you want! The BEST thing about most of the workouts  they teach is that they can often be done at home! All you really need is discipline!


The workouts also change every other day. We rarely repeat the same workout and there’s a gradual increase of difficulty. All these preparing us for our graduation day wherein we need to do the 500 workout! *yikes!*



The coaches are really nice too. They take really good care of us and make sure we’re doing it right. They push us to push harder but don’t force us to do something we really can’t. I personally have a lot of fun, especially with the feeling that I CAN actually do this. Here’s the intermediate team in our class photo! Team PATA-TEAM-BANG. led by Coach Eric Limatog.  Few more days to go!!! Woot woo!!!



Unfortunately, registration for this is already close as we are already nearing the final session, however, you can still LIKE them on Facebook and…who knows… they might just do a PART 2!!!



To stay updated on the FitFil Fitness Bootcamp,

visit their Facebook page at:


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