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Mixing Colors in Ziploc Bags

by on Dec 8th, 2010

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I’m sure we’ve all tried mixing colors when we were young… and maybe up to the present time. It’s a process every child needs to learn. When I was younger, I remember being given a worksheet with 3 circles on it. On the first two circles, I would paint the primary colors. On the last circle, I’d paint the resulting color if the first two colors were mixed together. I DID learn the concept, but it wasn’t any fun.

As preschool teachers, it is our responsibility to come up with the simplest and most fun-filled way a child can learn a concept. If he can do it in a fun way, why let him do it otherwise right?

We were on our topic of violet, and since Christmas is just around the corner, we decided to paint some Christmas balls. We also decided to let them try painting using ziploc bags to avoid getting too messy, and also for the new experience.

What you will need:

  • Styroball
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Red/Pink and Blue paint
  • Glitter powder (optional)

Now, I know that red and blue make pink, but as we were trying it out, we also realized how difficult it was to make color violet. Too much red or too much blue would lead to a different color. So we opted to use pink. We did however show the kids the result of mixing blue and red. We told them it was DARK violet, and since we wanted a lighter shade, we would use pink. In addition, this color mixing activity was also the first step in making our own Christmas ball ornament. I will post one on that soon.

So anyways, simply give the kids the ball and place it inside the Ziploc bag. Make sure there isn’t any air or they’d have a hard time rubbing it. Then, put a few drops of pink and blue. Let them start rubbing the Ziploc bag to mix the colors. It’s okay if the color doesn’t mix properly on all parts of the ball, it actually gives a nice blending effect.



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