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Eric Carle Collage in Brown Bear Brown Bear

by on Nov 27th, 2011

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The kids have always loved BROWN BEAR, they love learning the different colors while also seeing the pictures of different animals! Moreover, they enjoy singing the song while looking at the pictures.



This time, we wanted to try and make collages. So we had them pick which color they wanted and we mixed 2 other complimenting colors with it. So if they picked green, we’d give them GREEN, YELLOW and WHITE. If they picked PURPLE, we gave them PURPLE, PINK and WHITE, and so on.



When they were done, we did a little experiment and tried cutting it with a pattern from the book. The results were really amazing!


What you will need:

  • Paint (3 complimenting colors that blend together)
  • Scissors
  • Pattern of characters from Brown Bear
  • Glue


What you will do:

Let the child pick the color and have them paint away




Once it’s dry, just get the pattern and start tracing the different parts of the characters in the story.


Try to cut the parts and separate them so the colors are different after you cut them out


Cut out the pattern and have the kids put them together like a puzzle


See the COOL background? That’s from the TISSUE PAPER COLLAGE we did earlier. Check it out HERE


Check out their finished works! (I was tempted to put in the detail! But it looks good even without it!)



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