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Cow Bell Steak Café: Quality and Affordable Steaks in Makati

by on Dec 15th, 2014

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I’m a steak lover and am always on the lookout for delicious steak restaurants in Manila. Now, I have my top 3, but I’m still always on the lookout for good steaks at affordable costs. A few weeks ago, I discovered one that just opened along Jupiter Avenue in Makati. Its simple yet creative logo caught my attention and had me walking in there unplanned. In case you hadn’t noticed, check out the fork on the cow’s head. “wink*

Cow Bell Steak Café opened it’s doors to the public around October this year. However, they are still on their soft opening and are still adjusting based on customer’s feedback and the like. So feel free to drop by, your opinion matters!

Cowbell-Steak-Cafe-Jupiter-Makati-15Cow Bell Steak Café along Jupiter Avenue


Bricked walls inside Cow Bell Steak Café

The place had a very western feel to it with it’s wooden benches and brick walls. There were also several short quotes all around the restaurant that will make you smile and want to take a selfie by the wall.

When Philippe and I eat in new restaurants, we oftentimes go for the best sellers (so long as our wallet can handle it) so in this case, we ordered an 18oz  Black Angus Porterhouse. Restaurants would often charge close to P4,000 for this, so we were surprised to see that it only costs around a thousand pesos. Not bad right? So of course, we decided to go back a second time.

Mushroom Soup (P150)

The mushroom soup was just right. It had a lot of pepper which I kind of liked. For those however who prefer less pepper, feel free to tell them. The hot soup was just what I needed to start my meal!

Cowbell-Steak-Cafe-Jupiter-Makati-02Cow Bell Steak Café’s own Mushroom Soup


Chili Cheese Fries (P180)

I’m a fan of Cow Bell’s Chili Cheese Fries and Nachos Overload. First of, the serving size was not bad, secondly, I felt there was more than enough chili and cheese toppings. The Chili sauce Cow Bell uses was also a favorite. This was what I personally think Chili Con Carne should taste like – Meaty, with a hint of herbs and spices.

Cowbell-Steak-Cafe-Jupiter-Makati-03Absolutely loved the Chili Con Carne on the fries


Oriental Chicken Salad (P190)

This was unexpectedly one of my favorites (besides the steak of course). Coming from a Chinese family, Chinese food has grown to be one of my “least” favorites. Not that I don’t like it, but simply because I grew up eating a lot of it! Hence, the Chinese food in restaurants often taste “ordinary” to me. The Oriental Chicken Salad was nothing out of the ordinary, but I loved it because it had that oriental feel. It brought me back to my childhood days of eating Chinese lumpia with the family. The crispy noodles and the Oriental dressing kept me craving for more!



Check out the crispy noodles and bits of chicken on Cow Bell’s Oriental Salad



Cowbell Cheeseburger (P190)

Cheeseburgers are a classic, and mostly everyone loves them.However, some restaurants tend to provide burgers that are either TOO oily or TOO dry. There are only a few places that serve burgers that I personally thought were “memorable’ and worth a 2nd visit. Cow Bell Steak Café is one of those places. The burger meat they use is composed of ribeye and sirloin meat, making the meat extra tender and delicious. Moreover, they didn’t hold back on the cheese. The melted cheese was oozing out with every bite! Yum!



Cow Bell’s Cheeseburger is one I’ll definitely go back for

Grilled Rosemary Chicken Skewers (P230)

The chicken skewer was good. It was however not what I expected as we were in a steak restaurant. It was a little taste of Persian amidst all the American food.


Persian food in Cow Bell Steak Cafe


Fish and Chips (P280)

Dory, as my fiancé Philippe would describe, ‘melts’ in your mouth. The same goes for the Dory in Cow Bell’s fish and chips, it was very soft with some crispy breading on the outside to balance the texture. The fish is best eaten with a little Heinz Vinegar to add that extra flavor.


Fish and Chips with some vinegar


Hickory Baby Back Ribs P860/ P450

I’m used to eating baby back ribs that either uses a lot of soy sauce or a lot of barbeque sauce. When I first tried Cow Bell’s baby back ribs, I was kind of caught off guard with it’s sweet taste. It tasted as if the sauce had some maple sugar mixed in it, then just as you swallow the meat, you’d feel a tinge of spice in your throat. What a thrill it was to try this!


Cow Bell’s Hickory Baby Back Ribs with corn and french fries on the side

Cow Bell Steak Café U.S. Steaks

Finally my favorite part… THE STEAK! Now allow me to describe both steaks to you in one go as there wasn’t much difference in the way it was cook anyway. It’s just that it’s different parts of the beef, hence the tenderness might vary.

The steak Cow Bell uses is imported to the Philippines to assure customers get the best. According to one of it’s owners, Ms. Deryl, one of the many reasons she thought of putting up a steak restaurant was because of her husband’s love for the dish. Hmm… Philippe? I LOVE STEAK TOO!  heehee

So anyway, the reason I kept coming back was because I found their steak to be tender, well cooked, well marinated and right for the price. I can’t compare Cow Bell to the really high end steak restaurants as this is more mid-class, however, it definitely beats several other mid-class steak restaurants in my book.

Black Angus Ribeye (P990/10oz) (P1160/12oz)


Succulent and juicy steak from Cow Bell Steak Cafe


Black Angus T. Bone (P1025/160z)


Creamy butter melting away, adding more flavor to the already mouth-watering dish

Don’t just take my word for it. Love steak? Then better drop by Cow Bell Steak Café today! Carbo-loading time!!

For updates on other events or to just keep in touch



Cow Bell Steak Café

1C Eurocrest Building #126 Jupiter St. Makati

0916 282 5978

Cow Bell Steak Café: Quality and Affordable Steaks in Makati


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