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Burger Project Now Open in Taft Avenue

by on Aug 10th, 2012

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I may be a preschool teacher, but my appetite is that of a 200 pound construction worker! I love beef, steak, chicken, pork and all types of meat! And so, just like my construction worker type appetite, burgers are a definite must!


Last Aug. 5, I was given to try out one of the coolest burger joints to hit Manila… The Burger Project! I went there along with my friends and co-bloggers Philippe Villareal, Ivica Say and Jason Cruz!


The Burger Project is originally located near UP Diliman inside Teacher’s Village and one of its regular customers was Chris Graham. Chris obviously loved these burgers so much that he knew he needed to share this with people on the other side *wink*. Hence, the first franchise of the Burger Project is now open inside Grand Towers along Pablo Ocampo Street near Vito Cruz.


The Burger Project can’t immediately be seen from outside, but it’s worth visiting so I suggest you guys walk the extra few meters and head on over! It’ll be so worth your while… plus, after having a meal here, you’d surely need to walk more than just a few meters!

My favorite part about BRGR: BURGER PROJECT? Create your own burgers!!! You get to make your own!! Awesome!!


Burger Project in Grand Towers, Taft Ave.

Brgr: Burger Project – Ambiance

The place isn’t that big but it had this “homey” feel to it. I liked how the menu was written with chalk by the counter, it felt so old school but the colors and uniqueness made it enticing!  The colors on the walls as well as the random texts of food terms is not good for those going on a diet! It’s like entering burger land!

Even the furniture they used added to the overall feel of the place!



Brgr: Burger Project – I just love those benches!

Brgr: Burger Project –  Appetizing Food

So once you’re ready to order, you’ll be given a clipboard with a checklist for you to check on the items you want for your customized burger. Of course, if you’re lazy and just want to eat, Burger Project also has it’s designer burger ready to serve!


Brgr: Burger Project – order form


Brgr: Burger Project: Our Customized Burgers

Everything on the list looked really good individually, and we were already so hungry at this point that we just kept checking whatever seemed good. Big mistake! We ended up putting too much on our burgers! (haha!) Oh, it was still REALLY GOOD, don’t worry, but it was SO HARD TO EAT!


Did I mention you get to name your burgers too?


Burger Project: The SEXY Burger by Jason Cruz

What’s Inside THE SEXY BURGER:

  • BRGR/ Patty: 1pc. 100% beef – 99PhP each
  • Bun: Oatmeal Bun (Vegan) – 15PhP
  • Cheese: Gruyere – 35PhP
  • Premium Toppings: Caramelized Onions, Onion Rings – 25PhP each (total of 50PhP)
  • Basic Toppings: Egg – 20PhP, Lettuce and Tomatoes (FREE)
  • Sauce: Pesto – 15PhP
  • Total: 234PhP



Burger Project: The Sexy Burger by Jason Cruz


I really enjoyed the pesto! As I mentioned in my old reviews from other burger restaurants, pesto sauce in burgers taste really unique! It’s basically crossing American and Italian! The fusion is just perfect! So I personally recommend you try the Pesto Sauce! HOWEVER, do make sure the other things you get with the sauce matches the burger.


Burger Project: IPE Burger by Philippe Villareal

What’s Inside THE IPE BURGER:

  • BRGR/ Patty: 2pc. chicken patty– 95PhP each (total of 190PhP)
  • Bun: Potato Bun – 15PhP
  • Cheese: Cheese Sauce and Cheddar– 35PhP each (total of 70PhP)
  • Premium Toppings: Bacon, Caramelized Onions – 25PhP each (total of 50PhP)
  • Basic Toppings: Egg – 20PhP
  • Sauce: Special BRGR Sauce – 15PhP
  • Total: 360PhP



Burger Project: Ipe Burger by Philippe Villareal


I think Philippe could be a future chef! This was one of our favorite customized burgers of the day! The chicken was grilled to perfection and the cheddar cheese was scrumptious! I thought the potato bun was weird at first but it really wasn’t! The bun turned out to be really soft and worked perfectly well with everything else Philippe placed inside his burger. Not bad at all!


Burger Project: Ivy’s Burger by Ivica Say

What’s Inside IVY’S BURGER:

  • BRGR/ Patty: 2pc. Chori – 99PhP each (total of 198PhP)
  • Bun: Sesame Seed (Free with BRGR)
  • Cheese: Garlic Cream Cheese– 35PhP
  • Premium Toppings: Sautee Mixed Mushroom, Caramelized Onions – 25PhP each (total of 50PhP)
  • Basic Toppings: Jalapeño Peppers – 20PhP
  • Sauce: BBQ Sauce – 15PhP
  • Total: 293PhP




Project Burger: Ivy’s Burger by Ivica Say


When I think of chorizo, the first thing that comes to mind is longganisa. I imagine a sweet tasting hotdog shape sort of meat. Not sure why though! But in this case, the chorizo didn’t taste sweet at all! It actually tasted pretty meaty and salty – which I personally enjoyed! The chorizo tasted really good! Ivy however wanted that sweet taste, so this wasn’t the burger for her. The mushrooms were also divine! We kept picking them up off the plate ‘coz we just loved them so much!


Burger Project: Got Beefed by Cheryl Golangco

What’s Inside the GOT BEEFED BURGER:

  • BRGR/ Patty: 2pc. 100% Beef Patty – 99PhP each (total of 198PhP)
  • Bun: Brioche – 20PhP
  • Cheese: Garlic Cream Cheese– 35PhP
  • Premium Toppings: Sautee Mixed Mushroom,Onion Rings and Bacon – 25PhP each (total of 75PhP), Fried Portobello – 40PhP
  • Basic Toppings: Sliced White Onions – 20PhP
  • Sauce: Steak Sauce Sauce – 25PhP
  • Total: 314PhP




Project Burger: Got Beefed! by Cheryl Golangco


As you can tell through the photos, I put WAY TO MANY THINGS in my burger. –uhm… ya think?! (haha) I just got so excited and everything looked so yummy that I went for it! Ooops!! I still loved it anyways! My favorite part of it… the GRILLED BEEF! Triple yum!!! Everything actually tasted really well individually, I just don’t think they worked as well together! (haha) If I were to do it a second time around, I’d probably swap the cheese to cheese sauce and remove the onion rings and portobello. Everything else was perfect.



BRGR: The Burger Project’s Buffalo Wings


Buffalo Wings (150PhP)

The Buffalo Wings tasted great especially after dipping it into BRGR’s garlic sauce! Yum! Ivy ate most of it ‘coz I couldn’t really take too much spicy food. She loved it!


BRGR: The Burger Project’s Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Sticks


Sweet Potato Fries (60PhP) and Mozzarella Sticks (140PhP)

Definitely worth trying! Something unique to perfectly match your burgers!


BRGR: The Burger Project’s MILKSHAKES


Milkshakes (145PhP each)


One of their specialties here at The Burger Project is their milkshakes… and after you’ve had a glass, you wouldn’t even bother asking why! Each of us ordered a different flavor, Jason ordered the Oreo cookies n’ cream, Ivy ordered Blueberry and I ordered the Strawberry! Each of them was really good! Honestly, I thought the Cookies and Cream tasted as if they just melted the Oreo! It was like liquid Oreo if that makes any sense! The blueberry on the other hand was one of a kind! I’ve never tasted blueberry shake and I was so pleased with this that I’ll surely be back for more! As for the strawberry shake, I’m sort of biased ‘coz I’m a huge strawberry addict, but I liked how I could taste the creamy taste of milk and the sour taste of strawberries all at once!


That ended our very scrumptious and gluttonous day! But if you want to order something else, here’s a list of BRGR: BURGER PROJECT’S DESIGNER BURGERS:


  • Western Bacon Melt (250Php / 224PhP) – contains bacon, onion rings, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce and tomatoes
  • Bleu Buffalo (200PhP / 174PhP) – contains bleu cheese, onion rings, buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles
  • Tokyo Pop! (200PhP / 174PhP) – contains teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo, mushrooms, onions and fresh tomatoes
  • The Sloppiest Joe (235Php / 209PhP) – contains Canadian bacon, caramelized onion, chili con carne, tomatoes and cheddar cheese
  • French Lick (225Php / 199PhP) – contains bacon, caramelized onion, special BRGR sauce, garlic cheese, lettuce and tomatoes
  • Italian Stallion (220PhP / 194PhP) – contains mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, pesto, lettuce and tomatoes

Western Bacon Melt (224PhP)

I didn’t get to try this myself but my friend who did says it was REALLY WORTH THE PRICE.  The patty was big and thick and according to her, it was as if it was cooked in a different way than usual!



So next time you’re around Taft, why not visit the Burger Project at the Grand Towers and create YOUR own burgers too??

I so wish I had this back in my DLSU days!! You guys are lucky!! Try it out fellow La Sallians, Benildeans and friends from St. Scholastica College


See you around!!

P.S. The patties are 3/4 of a pound each so make sure you don’t order too much when you create your own burger! :)



Unit C17, 1st floor,  The Grand Towers, Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street, Manila

(near DLSU-Manila, right across Rizal Memorial Coliseum)

Delivery (within Taft Area) – 09162353085

Delivery (outside Taft Area) – 2121212

Open Daily 11am to 12mn

Facebook page:


Cheryl Villareal is a preschool teacher and the owner/ editor-in-chief of On weekdays, she could be found teaching her little tots while Sundays are her workout days. She easily enjoys simple things and loves experiencing new things! Her blog is simply a way for her to share these experiences with people. Besides her blog, she also contributes and writes various articles on Follow her on Twitter

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