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Cats the Musical

by on Aug 10th, 2010

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Oh my gosh! no words can explain how happy I was… or still am that I got to watch this!!! I’ve wanted so bad to watch it but can’t due to money constraints. Just the night before, my good friend, Fil told me that he got complimentary tickets and asked if I wanted to go with him. It was really a spur of the moment.. but hey, that’s CATS!!! Had to make time for that! So what if I was tired and lacked sleep? There was no way I was missing out on this.

The following day, I rushed home from work, started my other work (tutorials) early and luckily ended early. I got dressed and awaited Fil’s arrival! We got a little bit stuck in traffic and arrived around 5minutes late at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines)… but we weren’t able to enter until around 20minutes later because of the useless and ignorant security!



We got to the main entrance and Fil asked about the complimentary tickets left for him. One of the guards whom I shall name Beevis, kept asking us WHO LEFT THE TICKET. Fil was unsure who.. but more importantly, shouldn’t he be asking WHO IT WAS FOR? Later on, the other man whom I shall call Butthead asked Fil for his ID. After giving the ID, Butthead simply said, “Ah walang iniwan na Capul dito!” (Oh, there were no tickets for a “Capul” left here!) without even checking the tickets on hand. Fil asked if Butthead was sure since he was told to pick it up at the main entrance. Butthead ignorantly said, “Oo siguardo ako! Ako mismo gumawa ng listahan na yan at nagsulat ng mga pangalan diyan! Check niyo nalang sa taas!” (Yes I’m sure! I myself made the list and wrote the names! Just check upstairs!)

So we went up to the lobby, and asked the korean usher. He again told us there were no tickets for us. He was trying to ask who left them so they could trace it back. Fil couldn’t remember the name, but he said that he thinks it was their manager or someone who’s name starts with L. Later on a girl came out saying sarcastically, “Ako? Ako nagiwan? wala akong iniiwan” (Me? I left the tickets! I didn’t leave anything!)… something like that.

By this time, Fil was already heating up with rage and anger. We tried calling his mom all the way in Bangkok (since the tickets were supposedly for his mom), it rang but no answer. Fil eventually decided to go back to the main entrance and double check. I was actually afraid that Fil would start a fight already!

When we got back down, Fil asked if Butthead could double check since the tickets could not be found. We were already 15minutes late by now! So anyway, Butthead suddenly had a change of tone and said, “Sure Sir, no problem, ano po ulit yung pangalan?(What’s the name again?)”  … Fil answered quickly and as calmly as possible…and finally when Butthead checked… THERE IT WAS! IN PLAIN SIGHT!!! 2 tickets addressed to Filomeno Capul!  Fil raised his voice at Butthead for his carelessness and stupidity! Butthead then said, “Ay d ko alam yan, di kasi ako yung gumawa nyan.” (Oh, I had no idea ’cause I wasn’t the one who made that!) Sudden change of mind? Stupid.

So anyways, we were finally able to enter! Luckily, we had really good seats! …so let me calm down for a moment and share with you my joy after watching the show!


First of all, let me repeat that I am at a lost of words at how much I loved the show. I enjoyed it a lot and still have a hangover!!!! So.. forgive me if I won’t be able to give a detailed review.

  • Leah Salonga who played Grizabella was superb!!! Grizabella was a glamour cat who lost her spark and is now rejected. She seeks to be accepted by the Jellicle cats. I loved hearing Leah live! It was priceless! I was in awe!
  • I also loved the Rum Tum Tugger who was played by John O’ Hara! The Rum Tum Tugger is like a rebel cat who often does the opposite of what is asked of him. He is also the ladies man.. or should I say ladies cat! he sure got my attention! :)
  • Another of my favorites were the twins Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser! They are the cats who always get in trouble but are never caught because of how good they work together. I loved their song and dance number! They also sang really well together! :)
  • Some of my favorite songs here were the Rum Tum Tugger, Memory (duh), Mr. Mistoffelees and Mungojerry and Rumpleteaser.

Oh, before I end this blog… I have to mention that they sang a FILIPINO version of memory! It was wonderful!! The audience gave the casts a standing ovation after the show ended!! simply superb!!


Thanks again Fil for giving me this opportunity and sharing this moment with me! :) Truly no words can explain my gratefulness! :) next stop… PHANTOM OF THE OPERA? :p


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