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Surviving Outbreak Missions: Not Your Typical Zombie Run

by on Nov 18th, 2013

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I’ve attended almost most of Outbreak Manila’s runs to cover it for my blog. I think 3 out of 4 times I simply walked the path as part of the media, the only run I actually participated in was the first Outbreak Run in Nuvali where I was scared crazy because of all the zombies popping out of the tall grass! Ever since, I’ve only been attending Outbreak Manila runs to cover it and not as an active participant… until last night.


I’ve been excited to cover the next Outbreak ever since it was announced, however, I was told this one would be different. In Outbreak Missions, it isn’t all about running… this time, there’s a story.


I joined the run with my fellow Bull Runner, Allan Lim. We were given a golden card which was used to claim the life belt as well as the dog tag for survivors. Runners were asked to form a group of 10, Allan and I joined a group of high school kids. (feeling young? hehe)



Allan was really excited to start the run. I on the other hand was feeling really nervous. I don’t like zombie runs coz those zombies freak me out! haha but oh well, this was it!




The starting line was definitely a level up from the usual outbreak runs. There were barriers, barb wires, hazard signs, etc. It really made it look like that whatever lies behind it was dangerous. I felt like I was in the World War Z movie.


We were briefed on the rules as well as on our mission. Along with the briefing came a warning that some people along the way will trick us, while others are there to help. Hence, we need to be careful who we follow.


I’m not gonna tell you the exact details of the run, but basically, we had to find a cure to the outbreak. There were two paths to take, one would lead us to the cure, while the other, would make the infestation worst. Throughout Outbreak Missions we had to run, sprint, crawl, tiptoe, etc. It was not a test of speed but of strategy and wits.



One of the actors explaining what we needed to do next


I highly appreciated all the actors and zombies in Outbreak Missions director’s cut. They were REALLY good and so believable. None of them broke character during the whole mission, despite some of the runners “annoying” them.



Another highlight was running through the empty mall. It didn’t only make me afraid to see the zombies come out of no where, but also made me fear seeing ghosts! yikes!


During the mission, we had to put colored powder on our bodies and collect glow sticks from certain areas. It was A LOT of fun! I didn’t feel as stressed as I did from the typical Outbreak Manila runs. I look forward to another Outbreak Mission, I wonder where the zombies are going next.



Till the next Outbreak Mission…


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