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Results and Aftermath of the All Women’s Run

by on Mar 24th, 2011

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I don’t usually join Saturday runs because I still feel tired from work the day before. I usually spend my Saturdays bumming around the house, but this Saturday, I was given the great opportunity to join the All Women’s Run! As I always tell my friends, “basta RunRio, Sulit!” and I was once again NOT disappointed.

I arrived 5-10 minutes after the 5k gun start and started almost together with the 3k runners. I felt really sad and did not really feel like running anymore. I kept looking for the other runners but I just couldn’t find them. Had it not been that I invited friends to run with me, I would’ve probably just waited till the race was done. I’m glad I still chose to run. I ran pass the first km and still no sign of other runners, I was starting to feel hopeless. Until finally, I saw a handful of runners and told myself that I needed to catch up. And so I did. Slowly as I passed groups and groups of runners, I finally found myself amongst a crowd of runners and was ecstatic to know that I was able to catch up. This was my only goal.

The run itself was good. The route was not bad. But my favorite part was the “after party”. There were so many things to do after the run that I didn’t know what I wanted to do first.

I lined up to get the finisher’s bracelet which surprisingly was really nice. I originally expected a cheap plastic bracelet or wristband, but the material used was good and thick. After claiming my bracelet, I lined up to get some free soft ice cream and cookies from Athena! Not bad. The best part awaited inside the Festivities Tent.

Festivities Tent

I originally decided not to enter because there were too many people. However, my friend was inside and texted me to meet her there. So I did. The tent was literally overflowing with runners! You had to have a racebib to enter though I noticed a lot of girls inside who didn’t look like they ran. My friend also mentioned how some girls passed around 1 racebib for all to share. Can’t blame the organizers though ‘coz there were really too many people. I guess if something should be changed, it’s that the tent should’ve been bigger. Or maybe, they can limit the number of people entering at a time.

There were a LOT of freebies inside the tent but I was only able to grab a few. All other freebies had long lines which made it REALLY difficult. Nonetheless, everything inside the tent was really meant to pamper a women! Free haircut from David’s Salon, free nail polish from Nail-a-holics, free make-up, free shaver for Schick, free massage and so many more!! The festivities inside the tent really gave each woman the much needed pampering!

Really had so much fun! Can’t wait for next year’s ALL WOMEN’S RUN! :)

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