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Picasso’s Cubism Became A Mix and Match of Faces

by on Nov 20th, 2011

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While learning about the different parts of our body and our different senses, we decided to let the kids create a puzzle with their own faces. Since we were also on the topic of fine art, we tried to copy Picasso’s cubism. It has a similar idea but not entirely right. Eventually, the idea evolved and we ended up cutting pictures from magazine and had the kids make a distorted image of themselves. We got mixed reactions for this activity. Some kids kept laughing at the idea, others completely ignored it, while others still felt ashamed of their work. Still, it was an experience nonetheless, and we all learned from it too!


What you will need

  • Magazine cut outs of different features
  • Printed picture of the kids
  • glue
  • scissors


What you will do:

Step 1: Print out a picture of the kids, at least half a bond paper in size

Step 2: Cut out different parts from a magazine (eyes, nose, mouth etc.)

Step 3: Let them paste it over their own pictures


When we were done, we realized it would have been better if we didn’t cover the entire face and left an eye or their mouth. :) Oh well, we learn from our mistakes! :)



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