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Silly Foot and Hands Lobster

by on Jun 1st, 2011

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Summer reminds me of the beach and all the wonderful sea animals. Often, we do fish projects and crafts in school that we neglect all the other beautiful sea animals. So this time, why not try something new? Why not make a silly little lobster with those little hands and feet! I saw the idea from Moments of Mommyhood and I instantly knew I had to try it!

What you will need

  • Red paint
  • Paint brush
  • White paper
  • Eyes and mouth print outs
  • Child’s hand and foot!

Step 1: Paint the child’s hands and let him/her make handprints on the white paper

Step 2: To make the crab’s body, paint the child’s foot and let him/her make a foot print just between the two handprints.

Step 3: Draw the arms and legs

Step 4: Glue the eyes and mouth

Step 5: Display those cute little lobsters! :)

It’s funny how the lobsters turned out! Same process, different results! The eyes and mouth really did the trick too! :)




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