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Light Thursdays Lost and Found (Part 3): Loving the Lost

by on Aug 13th, 2012

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There are times we feel that we are well on our way going toward the right direction that people who aren’t as lucky as we are seem to be annoying. I won’t deny that there were some questions or comments people have said to me in the past that somehow annoyed me just because I felt as though the answers were too simple for them not to know.


Though none of us want to be lost, if you are lost…it only means someone is looking for you.

None of us want to get lost intentionally, so why mock others who are? Love each other, even if the other person seems annoying, try to understand them, maybe they are lost too.


Light Thursdays: Loving the Lost



1. You Don’t Want to be LOST

There are times we come really hard on lost people. We blame them and say it’s their fault that they are in the situation they’re in! We blame random things for their lack of clarity! “Tanda tanda mo na hindi mo pa rin alam yan?” (You’re so old and you still don’t know?!)


The Lost Sheep

In the Parable of the Lost Sheep, the sheep that wandered and got lost did so because he saw some grass. He was so distracted that he failed to notice that the flock had already gone. Do you think he wanted to be left behind? Of course not! We don’t get lost because we want to, we get lost because we get preoccupied. It’s because at some point in our life, something else seemed more interesting and necessary than the path we were on.  And what’s wrong with that right? It happens!


The Lost Coin

In the Parable of the Lost Coin, the coin was lost because it was misplaced by it’s owner. Sometimes we get lost because we take wrong advice or listen to the wrong people. Maybe it’s an older person we listened to, a teacher or even a priest or pastor who gave wrong advice. I for one am easily pushed away when people FORCE me to attend praise and worship and start labeling me wrongly.  I just hate it when that happens! Because sometimes instead of pushing me towards Christ, it causes me to doubt my faith.


2. You Don’t Always Know You’re Lost

Why mock people for being lost, especially when sometimes, they don’t even know they’re lost. And who are we to judge? Weren’t there many times that we ourselves were lost too? And just like these people, all we need sometimes is someone who can direct us toward the right direction.

The great thing about being lost, is the MOMENT YOUR REALIZE YOU ARE… it’s just such a blessing! It feels like a personal encounter with Christ, and enlightening moment.


3. You Have a Hard Time Trusting Strangers

It’s always difficult to trust someone you don’t know… because we are afraid that it might make things worse. But why not think positively instead? What if, just WHAT IF, that person turned out to be the person who could help you? Maybe that person has been down that same road before and he can guide you a bit or maybe share what HE HAS EXPERIENCED.  Doesn’t make him better, but maybe, he’s just been there too.


4. You Don’t Want to be Judged

When someone has done something wrong, or is lost at a time or two… don’t make a big deal of what they’ve done or have encountered. What’s done is done right? God is a lot more interested with you being found rather than HOW or WHY you got lost.



There are people who help us find our way, who teach us what to do and where to go… and there are also people who mock us and ridicule us for the state we are in. There will always be people who will think they are better than us.


“The problem is that anyone who feels they have searched for and found God will naturally disdain those who seem to be making no effort at all. They will look at “sinners” and say, “I found God! If you try, you can. I did.”  Source:


And it’s true. I’ve had several encounters already. What I hate about it is that instead of bringing me closes, I feel I’m being pushed away. But remember this… all of us, at one point in our lives has or will feel lost because we feel no one understands us. However, in that moment when you meet God…. you will somehow feel that for once in your life, you FINALLY belong. This moment I assure you will weaken you and bring you to tears… because there is nothing like it.


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