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How to Become a Millionaire: Tips and Tricks by Chinkee Tan

by on Sep 25th, 2012

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If I ask you now, DO YOU WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? I’m pretty sure most if not all would say YES, OF COURSE. All of us want to be millionaires and billionaires at some point in our lives. It’s not at we’re being greedy or have a deep love for money, it’s just that we know life can be a lot easier with it.


“The greater danger is not that our goals are too high and we miss them, but that we aim too low and reach them.” – Michelangelo


When did we stop dreaming beyond our imaginations? When did we stop reaching for the stars? As children we knew we could succeed in anything, but as we grew older, we started thinking TOO MUCH of the consequences and the losses. It’s about time we learn to dream again and to fight for our dreams. Protect your dreams at any cost because people who cannot make it in life will often tell you how YOU cannot make it too.

Millionaire's mindset with chinkee tanMillionaire's mindset with chinkee tan 02

Chinkee asked us to close our eyes and picture our dreams


In Chinkee’s seminar entitled “The Millionaire’s Minset”, he shares the secret the rich people have to helped them get to where they are now. Honestly, a lot of what he said were more of reminders than new lessons. I’m pretty sure you all know it too, but these are the things we take for granted and forget. What I love about his seminars is the way he tries to relate to his audience. He allows everyone a brief moment to reflect or ask questions, making every seminar molded to fit what you need to learn most. Let me try to share some of the things I learned with you too.


One of the main differences between YOU and the next millionaire is your mindset. The way we think and the way we respond to different situations in our lives is what changes our future. So what exactly is the Millionaire’s Mindset? Here’s what I learned.


 Tips to earning your first million

1. Instead of increasing our income to pursue our dreams, we often decrease our dreams to fit our income. The millionaire does not.

2. Mindset + Action = Results

3. Be contented but not satisfied.

4. Plan and expect for the best but always prepare for the worst

5. Put 50% in your savings, 25% in your investments and 25% or your spending

6. Success is not a one day thing, it is a process and it starts NOW.

7. Never compare yourselves with others. Be grateful with what you have and work with it.

8. Have a positive attitude. The Israelites travel 40 years to the promise land when it could’ve just taken them 40 days. It took that long because they continuously complained amidst the blessings God was giving them.

9. When something happens, it’s not what happened that matters but how you deal with it.

10. Deal with a problem from the roots. Understand the source of your mindset.

11. Detach yourself from the past. You can’t change your past but you can change your future.

12. When making a decision, process it according to your past, present and future. Has it occurred in the past? Will it be good for the current situation and how will it affect you in the future?



The DIFFERENCE between the rich, the middle class and the poor

  • Rich people value education more than entertainment while poor people value entertainment more than education
  • Rich people make things happen, middle class wait for things to happen, poor people wonder what happened
  • Rich people talk about ideas, middle class talk about things, poor people talk about other people.


Millionaire's mindset with chinkee tan 03

(L-R) Mitzi Uy,  Chinkee Tan, Hannah Villasis. Kristel Chuateco and myself – Cheryl Golangco


Lastly, as Chinkee shared, I want to remind all of you too… You are an eagle born in a world of chickens. The only one limiting you from flying is your own mindset. If you believe you can, then you surely can, NO MATTER WHAT!


Check out Chinkee’s next seminar with best-selling author and motivational speaker Francis Kong, click here for the details.


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