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Going on a Bear Hunt

by on Oct 16th, 2010

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We’re going on a bear hunt is a book written by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. It’s such a fun and interactive story in which it would be impossible for a child to just sit and listen… (unless the teacher says so I guess).

The book is about a family going on a bear hunt! On their way, they come across several obstacles. “Uh-oh, mud! Thick oozy mud! Can’t go over it, can’t go under it. Uh-oh, we have to go through it!” If you can draw or paint bigger pictures for the child, it would really be a fun adventure for them!

There are several versions of the story via YouTube, my favorite however would be the chant by Greg and Steve. The words were changed a bit but the concept is still the same. What we’d do is listen to the story first, and then continue the rest of the week with the chant.  Here’s a video from YouTube if you want to check this version out:

We always have so much fun acting out the scenes! At times we just stay seated, and other times we walk around the room! And once we finally reach the “cave”.. the bears come out! You might want to warn the kids though… they might get a little scared when they see the bears!


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