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Get a Chance to Win 50,000PhP by Voting for your Favorite in the Vaseline Men Xterra Tri-Outs Camp: Race to Maui

by on Oct 3rd, 2012

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October 28, 2012 marks one of the most awaited and biggest triathlon series in the world – the Xterra off-road Triathlon Global Championships. The coolest part about it is that it takes place in Maui, Hawaii! Woot woot! Talk about fun, competition and relaxation all in one!


This year, the Vaseline Men will organize a five-member team to represent the Philippines for the first time in the prestigious event. The team is composed of Coach Noy Jopson and celebrity athletes Matteo Guidecelli and Drew Areallano. The two other members will be selected via the Vaseline Men Xterra Tri-Outs Camp: Race to Maui

Vaseline Men Tri-outs Race to Maui 01


The Vaseline Men Xterra Tri-Outs Camp: Race to Maui was held last Sept. 15 – 17 where seven triathletes competed for the two remaining slots on the Philippine team. The training camp included seven grueling and physically demanding Warm Up and Tri-Challenges which tested and prepared the participants for the actual Maui competition in October. The members all needed to swim, bike and run through challenges as well as learn different techniques to help them become a better triathlete. Moreover, they were asked to do mini-triathlon competitions under time pressure to test their speed. All the participants went thru at least one Warm up Challenge and one Tri-Challenge each day during the three-day camp.

Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri Outs Race to Maui Logo


These seven men competing for the two slots on the Philippine Team are’s Jinoe Gavan, chiropractor Dr. Martin Camara, Second Wind’s Hector Yuzon, ultramarathoner Mark Hernandez, Health Food president Raffy Zamora,’s Carlos De Guzman, and Sutherland Global Services corporate training manager Redg Plopinio.


How the Athletes will be Chosen

Now here’s the thing, these men’s performance is only 50% of their score; the other 50% will come from us! Starting October 3, videos of these men’s journey and struggles can be viewed on YouTube. Viewers are encouraged to support the Vaseline Men Philippine Team by voting for the favorite triathlete simply by clicking the voting link within the YouTube site or at the end of every episode. There will be three videos on their performance during the camp and each video will be released weekly from Oct. 1 until Oct. 15 in the Vaseline Men YouTube Page.


KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ATHLETES AND THE CHALLENGES they went through by checking out the video below.



The TWO athletes with the highest scores by October 18 will join Coach Noy, Matteo and Drew in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to represent the Philippines in the XTERRA World Championships in Maui.


Special Raffle for the VOTERS

Though being able to help the Philippine team as well as raise the Filipino pride in the competitive triathlon circuit is already an awesome thing, voters will get something else too. With each vote, every voter is entitled to on raffle entry. Voting will be accepted until October 17 only! On Oct. 18, an electronic raffle will be drawn and TWO LUCKY VOTERS will win P50,000 each! Woah!!! The winners will be announced in the Vaseline Men Facebook page

Vaseline Men Tri-outs Race to Maui 03


For more information on how you can follow the adventures of the seven contenders and be part of the first Philippine Team to be officially sent to the prestigious XTERRA Championships in Hawaii, simply visit the Vaseline Men XTERRA Tri-Outs YouTube page at You can also visit for more details.



Learn more about these men and VOTE YOU FAVORITE ATHLETE HERE!


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