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Eggshell Art

by on Feb 22nd, 2011

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It’s always fun to play with eggs! It’s one of the first things we learn to cook, we can paint it especially during Easter, we can turn them into Humpty Dumpty and more! Besides the egg itself, we could also make use of the egg carton to make a variety of arts and crafts! In this case, we made use of just the eggshells! We were learning about the color white, and eggshells came to mind.

We didn’t want to cook eggs just to take the eggshells, so we literally went around the school asking other teachers to keep the eggshells if ever they had egg for breakfast. We also headed down to the canteen and asked them to keep the eggshells for us. Now that part was the easy part! The difficult part was when we had to wash the eggshells! Imagine over 50 eggshells that we needed to wash! You can also opt to just let them dry out, but I was afraid it might release a stench based from past experiences. So just to be sure, I decided to wash them all. Also, don’t forget to remove the membrane. I think there are at least 2 layers. It looks cleaner without the membranes.

Once you’re done washing, make sure to let the eggshells dry first before storing them. Else you’ll be in for a really stinky classroom! Once dry, start smashing a bunch of them. We decided to leave some whole for the kids to mash up on the own.

So now I think we’re ready for some egg shell art!

What you will need

  • Eggshells
  • Print out (depends what you want the kids to do)
  • Crayons
  • Glue

Step 1: Let the kids color the print out

Step 2: Give the kids some egg shells and let them start cracking and mashing

Step 3: Mix in some of the pre-smashed egg shells with those the children made

Step 4: Put glue all over the area wherein you want them to scatter the eggshell

Step 5: Let the kids start sprinkling the eggshells

You might need to help younger kids spread the eggshells properly. My kids just poured them all in one place

Step 6: Let dry and display around your room


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