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Disney’s Frozen: Finally a Movie that Teaches Kids that True Love isn’t Just About Finding Your Prince Charming

by on Dec 9th, 2013

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I’m a Disney baby… by this I mean that I grew up watching all kinds of Disney classics such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid etc. If you’re familiar with these films, then I’m sure you’ve also noticed how much Disney cartoons have changed. Movies that used to be funny and wholesome  slowly became a bit more shallow and held less meaning. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved most of the new Disney films… but I felt it no longer had the same flare as it used to.


I felt excited to watch Frozen from the moment I first heard of it. Don’t judge me, I’m a 20+ year old girl with a 12 year old’s heart! haha So anyway, I wasn’t expecting much from the film. I expected it to be like most of today’s Disney films… feel good, with a touch of humor and drama. I guess you could say it had these things, but it also had so much more!




Disney’s Frozen was an adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson classic, “The Snow Queen”. The story has little to no similarities though, except that one of the main characters, Queen Elsa had the power of ice and snow. I also read a bunch of reviews saying how Frozen was just a rip-off of Tangled and other Disney films, well I guess in a way they are similar, but then again, the stories are very different. Watch it for what it is and I’m sure you’ll love it.



Get a Horse

Before the film itself, a short Disney cartoon was shown. The image shown was small and in black and white. It showed the old gang in their old antics! Mickey and Minnie and big ol’ Pete! The gang gets into a fight and Pete ends up throwing Mickey all the way through the movie screen!  I’m pretty sure the animators put a lot of work into this and it really showcased how much has changed in Disney! It was really fun to watch! However, I feel the teens and grownups will appreciate this more than the kiddos!




Okay, so If you haven’t seen the movie, then stop reading NOW! I don’t want to spoil it for you! Most of the stuff I’ll share aren’t actually spoilers, but there might be a few in there. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Frozen: Why YOU should watch it (regardless is you’re 12 or 32…)

1. Broadway Talent



The songs sung all throughout the film weren’t like any Disney movie. The songs sang incorporated different musical techniques making the whole cartoon seem like a Broadway musical. There were sad and melancholic songs, there were upbeat songs, and there were love songs. All of which were sang by the characters themselves and not simply played in the background. Just like a Broadway musical, the lyrics to the songs were the character’s lines sang.




2. The cute balls of trolls


In most films, the trolls are usually portrayed by these big and ugly creatures. In Frozen however, the trolls were actually the good guys! They were hidden in the form of stones but would immediately come out when called. They were magical and very smart creatures who respected authority and helped friends in need.


3. Olof the Snowman



When I first saw the snowman, I was waiting to hear him say his name was Frosty… or at least something that sounds like that. I was glad he said something else. Olof was one of the many hilarious characters in this film. His lines were priceless. He was this happy little snowman who dreamed of the summer heat (hey, snowmen can dream of summer too!) He know nothing but love and happiness. One of his award winning lines in the film was, “some people are worth melting for…” (the people in the movie house, including myself, couldn’t help but let out a soft ‘awww’) You’ll get this part more if you saw the movie. I thought Olof’s lines were the best!


4. Kristoff and His Reindeer Sven


I loved that Kristoff had a reindeer and not a usual horse. Moreover, I liked that his reindeer Sven had so much attitude. Throughout the film, Kristoff’s love for Sven was evident. He took very well care of Sven and Sven did the same for Kristoff. I especially enjoyed watching the parts were Kristoff would talk to Sven and change his voice to pretend Sven was answering him. If you have pets, then you’d enjoy that part too!


5. True Love Comes from Family Too



For as long as I can remember, Disney films have focused on finding Prince Charming. There was always a man at the end of the film who would just make everything right again. Though Disney’s Frozen still implements a love story, I appreciated how the love story wasn’t the focus of the film. Nearing the end, the trolls tell Princess Anna that the only way she can be saved is through an act of true love. From this point forward, I was simply waiting for either of the two men (yes, there are 2 men) to kiss her! In fact, at one point, she throws herself at Prince Hans and asks him to kiss her for only “A True Love’s Kiss” can save her. I thought to myself… typical! But then there was a twist! Nearing the end of the film, she awaits her true love’s kiss but then needed to rush to her sister’s aid with her dying breath.


As her sister hugs her and tearfully apologizes, something magical happens and Princess Anna comes back to life. I absolutely LOVE how this time, it wasn’t a man’s kiss that saved the day, but a sister’s love.



Soooo… if you haven’t watched Frozen, go watch it now! It’s a lot like Tangled but also very different in other ways.


Cheryl Villareal is a preschool teacher and the owner/ editor-in-chief of On weekdays, she could be found teaching her little tots while Sundays are her workout days. She easily enjoys simple things and loves experiencing new things! Her blog is simply a way for her to share these experiences with people. Besides her blog, she also contributes and writes various articles on Follow her on Twitter

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