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ABS-CBN “Gift-Together” Project: Bringing Families Closer this Christmas

by on Dec 20th, 2012

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Christmas is one of the best times of the year. It’s actually my personal favorite. I don’t know how to explain it, or what kind of atoms and molecules are in the air as the “ber” months approach, but Christmas makes us feel and do weird things. It makes us feel warm and cuddly, it makes us feel generous and happy, most of all, it makes us feel and remember the people we love. Christmas is a time to love.


When I think of Christmas, I remember family reunions at my aunt’s house in Quezon City. I remember my siblings and I dancing and playing while our parents, aunts and uncles laughed at us. I remember eating dinner together and chatting the night away. I remember rushing back home and heading to St. Jude parish for our midnight mass. I remember watching Christmas specials while waiting for the clock to strike 12 then quickly rush downstairs to open our presents once it does. I remember sleeping really late on Christmas Eve but waking up really early on Christmas morning to see if Santa came last night and walking up my siblings so we could all open our presents together. Generally, I remember spending the holidays for the past 20 plus years with my family. But now that more than half of them are in the US, Christmas has turned from the happiest to the loneliest season of all.


OFWs were interviewed and asked what they wanted, check out this short video. (Prepare your tissues)

Check it out here:
As for me… wish ko lang (my only wish) is to be with my family too. Just like all these other families, all I wish is that we could be together again. Abs-Cbn understands what we’re going through, they understand how difficult and painful it is to be away from our loved ones especially on this festive holiday. They can’t give all of us round trip tickets but they at least tried to bridge the gap with their Gift-Together Project.

ABS-CBN Gift-Together Project


Though nothing beats actually being with our families and loved ones on Christmas, ABS-CBN tried to make us feel closer to each other this holiday season with their Gift-Together Project. In partnership with, ABS-CBN brings us closer to our families with the Gift-Together Website.


The Gift Together website enables family members back home here in the Philippines to create wish lists of gifts they have been hoping for. They can then submit this wish list via the site to their OFW relatives, and share the deepest wishes of their hearts. Their relatives abroad, on the other hand, may choose to gift their family members some or all of the wish list items directly on the site. In essence, the site ‘connects’ family members through the thoughtful and generous act of gift-giving.



Gifts on it’s own are just material things which some people may find shallow, but the feeling of giving is a whole new story. Giving someone important something he/she really likes and knowing you made him feel happier than ever is priceless. So to all those with families in the Philippines or overseas, here’s a chance for you to feel closer this Christmas season. The Gift-Together website allows you to give your loved one in the Philippines a very Merry Christmas! :)


*ahem ahem, mom and dad, are you reading this? haha kiddin’*


Check out the Gift-Together Website and create your wishlist too!


Happy holidays everyone!

ABS-CBN “Gift-Together” Project: Bringing Families Closer this Christmas


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