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Superkids 2010 and the 31st International Book Fair

by on Sep 19th, 2010

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Have you visited Superkids 2010?  I visited the bazaar this morning, it was a little bit smaller than expected but it still had a lot of interactive activities for the kids. There were several shows which I unfortunately was not able to catch. The Superkids 2010 was set on the same date and venue as the 31st international book fair.

Today is the last day of Superkids , but lucky for you, the book fair still has one more day to go! Go catch it now!

The book fair is located on the ground floor of the SMX Convention Center, near the Mall of Asia. Here you will find several companies giving out discounts and freebies. National Bookstore offers 20% off on most if not all of their items, while Adarna house offers almost 50% off on their books!

If you’re not a fan of books, there are also several booths that sell teaching materials and children’s toys! Make sure your credit cards work and your wallets are full before heading over because the book fair will definitely leave you bankrupt as it did me! How was your experience? I’d love to hear about it!

View the pictures in the gallery below.


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