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Sponge Stamping with Shades of Blue

by on Oct 2nd, 2011

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Last year, we let the kids do some SPONGE PAINTING as a extension on our lesson about squares. The kids had so much fun playing with the sponges because of their unique texture but the teachers also had to be careful not to give the kids too much paint because they tended to let the sponge absorb too much and squeeze out ALL the paint. As fun as this may be, we weren’t prepared for a messy activity that day.


So instead of just letting them paint, we also let them try out first how the sponge worked. We let them see how the sponge absorbed the water and how squeezing it let all the water out. Nothing beats hands-on learning and first hand experiences! After play time, it was time for art. Since we were also on our lesson about the COLOR BLUE, we decided to let them use different shades of blue for their sponge painting activity. It turned out great -like an art piece in the children’s museum!


What you will need

  • Sponges of different size
  • Different shades of blue paint
  • Paper





Let the kids start stamping away!



Let it dry and hang it in your classroom’s bulletin board! :)

We reminded the kids NOT to squeeze and reminded them of what happened to the water when we squeeze the sponges. However, there were still some who couldn’t resist themselves and had to SQUEEZE the sponges. If this happens, remember that curiosity is what helps them learn. So don’t be quick to reprimand them, instead, talk with them and use it as a learning experience! :) ENJOY!


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