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Sponge Painting

by on Sep 3rd, 2010

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Still on the topic of squares, we decided to let the children try some sponge painting! The kids especially enjoyed this activity because of the unique process. Squeezing the sponge hard enough allowed paint to gush out! It became a bit messy for some, but still a lot of fun! Though we didn’t really teach it, the children were able to discover how sponges can absorb liquids, and that the liquids can be squeezed out! Accidental learning takes place once again!

What you will need:

  • Paint
  • Several sponges of different sizes




Step 1: Cut the sponges into different sizes. Since we were on the topic of squares, we also chose the square shaped sponges only. However, you may try various shapes for other occasions.


Step 2: Let the children experiment on their own! Let them dip and paint!

Note: The activity may turn out to be messier than expected, then again, it may turn out really neat as well. Don’t worry about the mess, we can clean up afterward; worry about limiting the children’s creativity! So put on those aprons or smocks, and let them be as “messy” or creative as they wish!


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