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Rock Toon Fest Grand Fashion Show at SM Mall of Asia

by on Sep 20th, 2010

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After a series of go-see sessions in 31 SM malls throughout the Philippines, thousands of contestants, and loads of fun, SM’s Rock Toon Fest Model Search culminated in a Grand Fashion Show on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

The show featured young talents from the Rock Toon Fest’s Top 20 winners nationwide, who along with the other kids selected, had the chance chance to model for SM’s Children’s Wear Department. Random kids who wanted to join the parade simply needed to register, and off they went to parade their cute little rock toon outfits around the biggest mall in Asia!

A few minutes later, the parade had ended and the kids were back. This time, they lined up one by one to strut their stuff on the runway. It was a little difficult to see  because the children’s parents all crowded the runway, eager to get a picture of their kids. I was seated up front and I still could not see what was going on. I had to rely on my camera which I raised high above my head and took a variety of good and blurred pictures.


After the parade, the audience had to wait around 30minutes for the fashion show. The organizers said the wait was due to the position of the sun. They wanted it to be just right and avoid the washed out effect. Finally after what seemed to be hours of waiting, the fashion show began!



The Rock Toon Fest Grand Fashion Show featured Tinker Bell dresses with ruffles and lace; Snow White tops and tutu skirts, and sporty outfits from Cars featuring the popular Lighting McQueenthat can be mixed and matched. A kiddie rock band also added a fun touch to the show as they performed live. The children were all so adorable in their various attire! I also loved how confident they were on stage! Maybe I should get some modeling tips from them?


The wonderful world of cartoons, after all,  can never be out of style as boys and girls can now enjoy clothes inspired by their favorite cartoon characters.  Little girls can get that fairy tale look with Disney Princess, Tinker Bell, and Barbie clothes; while boys can get into the fashion action with tees, hoodies, and jeans from Cars, Garfield, Snoopy, and Mickey Mouse.  The Original Cartoon Apparel for kids is now available at the Children’s Wear section of the SM Department Store.

The Rock Toon Fest Grand Fashion Show is a project of the SM Department Store and the SM Mall of Asia. Thank you for having me!

View the GALLERY below, simply click the pictures for a larger view.


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