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Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Zeddie Little TV Interview

by on Apr 13th, 2012

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Over the past couple of weeks, the picture of this  really good looking, semi “Jake Gyllenhaal” look-alike guy has been flooding Facebook pages! I don’t blame the people for wanting to share his photo! Girls have even gone gaga for him to the extent of asking him to marry them! Unfortunately for the ladies though... Zeddie is GAY! (KIDDING!!!) Seriously though, he’s in a serious 5 year relationship with his girlfriend! Aww…


Ridiculously Photogenic Guy: Zeddie Little

So anyway, the picture was taken during the annual Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina by computer programmer, Will King. After Will uploaded a bunch of photos from the run on Facebook, one of his friends commented on this photo of Zeddie and dubbed him the name Ridiculously Photogenic Guy! Will then posted this photo on Reddit with the caption and immediately received more than 300,000 views in just an hour! WOW!!! Talk about going viral!


Who would’ve thought that after starting the race like any other guy, Zeddie’s good-looking “CLOSE-UP” smile would become this famous!! Guess it’s time to start getting ready for your next run guys, you might be the next ridiculously photogenic guy or girl!


As it turns out though, this sudden online fame started all because of a “fluke”

“I was running and waving at a friend that was on the sidelines and I just kind of turned around and guess I just caught the camera lens,” Little explained.  “And that was history.”


Will on the other hand had a bunch of friends at the event but unfortunately couldn’t find ANY of them, lucky for him he found Zeddie!

“There’s tons of people, but he was the one,” King said.  “He was actually just looking straight at the camera, smiling, the sun was sitting his hair as it was just blowing in the wind.  He’s just an all-around photogenic guy.”

A bunch of memes even hit the internet and starting spreading like wildfire a few hours after this photo was sent! Here are some of my favorites:



Ridiculously Photogenic Guy TV Interview

This ridiculously photogenic guy was even interviewed on ABC news and even got an article on their local paper published about him! Check out his interview below:




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