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Multiple Intelligences: What’s the Best Way to Teach Children?

by on Sep 25th, 2012

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Each of us learns differently. Some like reading books to learn more about a specific topic, others prefer the audiobook, and still others prefer to watch a play. There’s nothing wrong with either of these methods, we simply enjoy different methods because we each learn differently. Thing is, schools focus too much on reading, writing and numbers that the other learning styles are often ignored.


For those of you who are unaware of it yet, these are the 8 multiple intelligences according to Howard Garder. Now let me just make it clear that ALL OF US have these intelligences, some simply excel in one more than the other. These intelligences refer to the way or process in which we learn and not learning itself. Just because we get low grades in school, does not make us any less. Schools often focus on the first 2 multiple intelligences you see below, most kids however, excel more in the rest.


1. Linguistic Intelligence is the intelligence of reading, speaking and writing. Even those with speech impairment may have this kind of intelligence. These are the kids who can easily recite or memorize a poem or even the multiplication table. Hence the best way this child can learn something is if it were written for him to read or rewrite.


2. Logical-Mathematical is the intelligence in number, reason and logic. These children can easily calculate numbers. They are also those who love to experiment and find reason behind the unexplainable. E.G. Scientists. Experimenting is good, but teachers often reprimand a child for doing so. For these types of kids, experimentation is one of the best ways they learn.


3. Picture/Spatial Intelligence is the intelligence one has when he learns through pictures. These are the children who like to doodle in class. These are the kids who can better explain what they want to say through pictures. These are also the kids who would understand a lesson more by visualizing it.


4. Bodily Kinesthetic is the intelligence one has when he learns through movement. These are the kids who learn best by acting out a scene from the story or through games. These are also the kids who are often labeled as having ADD or ADHD because teachers fail to realize that they are simply trying to learn a lesson the best way they know how to.


5. Musical Intelligence is the intelligence one has when he learns best through music. These are the kids who always have a song in their head. They love hearing stories with sound effects or song. They learn new letters or words by singing it or chanting a rhyme.


6. Interpersonal Intelligence is the intelligence one has when he learns best through interaction. These are the kids who love talking with their seatmates. They learn best by discussing a lesson or sharing it with a friend. This is the child who loves organizing groups or even leads them. Simply allowing a student to share his thoughts to a partner after a lesson is discussed already helps this kind of learner a lot.


7. Intrapersonal intelligence is the intelligence one has when he learns best through self reflection. These are the kids who know who they are and have a set of goals to follow. They are able to reflect back on life and learn from their own experiences and mistakes. They are good at self-evaluating and love to work alone.


8. Naturalistic Intelligence is the intelligence one has when he learns best through interaction with nature. He is the child who would rather play outdoors and discover the world through nature. He learns colors through flowers, trees and the like. He has the ability to decipher animal prints.



Knowing these multiple intelligences, it is our responsibility then as parents and teachers to pay close observation to our children/ students and realize in which area they excel more. From here, it would be much easier to teach them. We need to adjust for them, to help them learn.


For a follow-up, you might also want to check out NEURODIVESITY.


So which multiple intelligence do you excel most and why do you say so? Share your story and help more people understand.


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