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Monster Feet for Halloween!

by on Oct 28th, 2011

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Halloween is coming up and a lot of people around the world are ready to celebrate Halloween. However, we don’t celebrate it as much here in the Philippines. Still, who says we can’t get it a little with the Halloween cheer right? I personally love the occasion but I don’t want to go against the culture of our school as well. So, here’s what we ended up with!

What you will need:

  • Two identical tissue boxes
  • Colored paper/cartolina
  • Crepe paper/ colored tissue paper cut into smaller pieces
  • Feather
  • Drawing/print out of giant toes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What you will do:

Step 1: Wrap the tissue box with some bright colored paper/ cartolina



Step 2: Make the opening a little bigger so the kids can put their feet inside

The clear plastic came with the tissue box


Step 3: Let the kids color the print-out toes and glue them on the boxes



Step 4: Start pasting the crepe paper/colored tissue paper



Step 5: Add some feathers for a creepy effect



Step 6: Let it dry

Step 7: It’s MONSTER time!!



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