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Mind Blown at the Country’s First World Class Science Museum: The Mind Museum

by on Mar 1st, 2012

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Some time last year, I started seeing posters and banners about a new Science Museum rising in Taguig. Being a teacher, the news of a  new fieldtrip site was naturally very exciting… but learning that it would rise at the Fort Bonifacio Taguig boiled up various expectations for me. I started imagining just how cool this place might be and wondered what they would have to offer that other museums didn’t have. I eagerly waited for more news and the news of the the Mind Museum’s opening, and last February 21, I was privileged to get a sneak peek!



“Whoever you are, whatever you do, Science comes alive in The Mind Museum at Taguig! This most exciting project in its final stages before launch – The Mind Museum at Taguig is the first world-class Science museum in the Philippines. Its vision is to be the country’s center for the public understanding of science, enthralling guests with its beauty, clarity and the intriguing character.”


As I entered the doors of the Mind Museum, I felt as if I were entering a whole new world. Science definitely comes to life here like it never did before! A Robot named Aedi will be there to greet you! After that, the first thing you’d notice the The Hall of the 10 Most Beautiful Experiments which made use of Sony Bravia screens to showcase a colorful visual representation. You’d be bewildered by the many TV screens bearing a variety of information on different things but you’re actually just getting started.



The Mind Museum is composed of FIVE main galleries that will surely entice children and adults of all ages. The best part about all these is that MOST of the displays CAN BE MANIPULATED. So no more boring museum visits where you just stare and watch, because here in the MIND MUSEUM, you get to learn from the best teacher of all… EXPERIENCE. Nothing beats a little hands-on learning!


The first gallery I entered was the EARTH GALLERY.

“The Earth Gallery tells of the story of the planet and our archipelago across the breadth of time; it includes a 3D animated film made by an all-Filipino crew that features 4.6 billion years of the planet’s natural history and evolution in 12 minutes.”


The first thing you’d notice here is the HUGE globe-like structure. It’s size and texture is almost the same as that of a large exercise/medicine ball. It honestly just looks like a huge globe at first glimpse, but go closer and you’ll actually notice a control panel that will help you turn this globe into anything you want. The globe is actually a big screen… you get to select what you want that globe to be -whether it’s the sun, the Earth or other planets. You can even select the speed of it’s rotation. Now that’s what I call a close-up view!






Besides that, another cool thing you shouldn’t miss is the huge 2 story high T-rex fossil replica! It was so cool to see this up front! I think every science museum should have this! It’s a required centerpiece in my book! Smile And the even cooler part is that besides the replica, there is also some ACTUAL DINOSAUR FECES! ewwww!! Imagine preserved feces! You can touch it if you want to though!



Next up is the UNIVERSE GALLERY.

“The Universe Gallery features the mysterious vastness of the universe and holds clues to where we came from and where we are going. The gallery also contains a unique planetarium which simulates star-gazing from the point of view of literally laying down on a bed beneath the stars.”


Moving from the Earth gallery to the Universe gallery, you’d need to pass through this swirling tunnel. Inside the tunnel is a bridge that you cross.. the bridge doesn’t move but the entire tunnel is rotating. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it! Though you’re standing on solid ground, the rotating tunnel really gives you the illusion that you’re moving too!



Once you get pass this, you will enter a room full of star from ceiling to floor! There are also various structures of planets that light up and a planetarium in the middle of it all.




You get to enter this small planetarium and actually lay down while watching some short videos about the history of the Earth. It was really relaxing!




Afterward, we checked out the ATOM GALLERY.

“The Atom Gallery has exhibit pieces that show the strange world of the very small in terms of forces and particles”


Honestly, I’m not a fan of atoms, molecules and the like. I always had a hard time understanding it in high school that I started hating it! But entering the ATOM GALLERY really helped shed some light on the topic. There were a whole lot of things I started understanding a tad bit more! If only our teachers taught us in this manner back then… if only the MIND MUSEUM already existed!


Some of my favorite parts in this gallery were the shadow room, the periodic table, the static ball and this cool machine that shows you how frequency really works!


Shadow Room:



Static Ball:


Funny static ball! Those pictures are REAL! Our hair really went high up! haha


Periodic Table…or should I say Periodic Shelves?

periodic table


What I loved about this was that actual objects were places inside each element! It would really give kids a whole new understanding of the periodic table! It sure helped me remember several elements!




Frequency Machine

The small styro balls actually parted into waves when the sound was played! So THAT’S how frequency works! I  understood it before but now I can really picture it!



Then, we visited the LIFE GALLERY

“The Life Gallery is a dive into deeper understanding of how life surrounds and inhabits us – from microbes to large animals (such as a life size ‘butanding’), and from DNA, cells to a giant human brain model.”


Most museums with a biology area would focus mainly on animals, well in the LIFE GALLERY, they dug a little deeper. There were several game machines where you could challenge a friend to play trivia, there was a huge brain hanging from the ceiling complete with labeled parts and even several structures of cells, DNAs and more!




My favorite part however, would have to be the MICROSCOPIC camera.

You get to hover this camera and see the various objects.. microscopic and not in a zoom up mode on the screen!



and last but not least is the TECHNOLOGY GALLERY

“The Technology Gallery is located above all four galleries, shows how we, with the tools we invent and innovate, are able to express our evolving humanity. It is the story of how we humans have explored ways of being alive! It takes guests on a journey of man’s innovations through the years as captured in the tools and technologies that humans invented throughout the years. This gallery tells the story of how science inspired humans to create, invent and innovate using the elements that the Earth naturally provided us”


The TECHNOLOGY GALLERY is located in the 2nd floor and might actually one of the most exciting parts of the museum for the kids! Almost everything here can be manipulated and you will be able to experience first hand how several things work. From the first copy machine, to the spinning jenny, to basic toilets and even to the wonders of lasers!



The seed drill and the spinning jenny

-You can push the seed drill and small seed-shaped lights will light up on the floor, as if that were the seed! COOL!



First copy machine? There’s a huge stamp (with ink) that you can stamp unto the clear paper, then put it in the machine and so it presses to another paper and voila! You’ve made yourself a copy! That’s how things were!



Learn some language? Turn one and all of them turn, translating to 3 different languages, including some Braille!


The Mind Museum also has an outdoor Sciene-in-the Park, unfortunately, it wasn’t complete yet when I visited and I was not able to experience it for myself. Here, visitors can experience playful science through four-themed pockets: Music, Math, Living and Water. Other educational offerings include facilities such as an auditorium, laboratory and classrooms, for educational workshops which explore how things work and the relationship of science to other fields of learning.”


The Mind Museum is set to open on March 16, 2012! Aren’t you excited? …I know I am!…I can already hear the students running around and exploring every gadget and machine they can!


For more info, you can also check out their website at

The Mind Museum is located at:
J.Y. Campos Park, Third Avenue, Bonifacio Global City  Taguig City 1634



Get those MINDS TO WORK starting March 16 and come visit the MIND MUSEUM!


Cheryl Villareal is a preschool teacher and the owner/ editor-in-chief of On weekdays, she could be found teaching her little tots while Sundays are her workout days. She easily enjoys simple things and loves experiencing new things! Her blog is simply a way for her to share these experiences with people. Besides her blog, she also contributes and writes various articles on Follow her on Twitter

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