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Lost and Found DSLR!

by on Sep 21st, 2010

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So it’s a Tuesday night, and I was coming from somewhere in Sta. Mesa on my way to the Blue Water Day Spa bloggers’ night. I was frantically in a hurry ‘coz I was running really late and I know the traffic in Makati is really bad by this time. (Around 7pm) I originally intended to stay home and rest but changed my mind at the last minute…(I think this was my “destiny” haha)


I entered the cab and told the driver where to take me. I was seated comfortably in the back seat minding my own business until I noticed something to my left. It was a small purple back pack marked with a letter b. My apologies though ‘coz I have no idea what that B stands for. Barbie? Benetton? NO IDEA whatsoever. I start thinking if this bag could be owned by the taxi driver… but then after carefully analyzing, I realize it can’t possibly be. So I open the bag and look inside, hoping to find a cellphone so I could contact the owner. Unfortunately, there was none.


I haven’t peek inside yet… just my hand trying to rummage for a cellphone. Eventually, I decided to take a look at what I was feeling. And to my surprise, it was a Canon Rebel-XT DSLR! Oh my, the owner must be devastated for losing this! I kept trying to find identification but there were too many names and numbers in the bag that I have no clue which one is the owner. So to the people out there, please help me find Mister or Miss Purple Camera Bag! This camera may mean the world to him/her. (apologies though to the owner ‘coz I kinda had to rummage through the bad looking for some ID)


For security purposes though, I can’t just immediately give the stuff to whoever claims it to be his/hers. Of course, there will be a few easy questions just to prove that you DO own the camera. Please do share this link and help me find the owner! If you think this is yours, then DO leave a comment and I’ll email you as soon as possible. Apologies for not leaving my cell phone number though, it’s difficult to receive prank calls at work.



So again, please DO share this link and help me find the owner of the camera.

And to the OWNER: just remember to PAY IT FORWARD. :)


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