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Feed the animals

by on Nov 4th, 2010

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Just a few days ago, I shared the Pin the Nose on the animals activity. Most of the kids already knew which nose belonged to which animal even before we started. This time, we tried learning about the other things animals do with their noses.

The kids all know that noses are used for smelling, but they have yet to learn how some animals use their noses for eating and picking up objects. To introduce to them how elephants eat, we prepared a simple and easy to do activity for the kids. They enjoyed it more than I expected them to! We also tried letting them feed the pigs, but instead of putting the food in its nose they put it in his mouth! Yum yum!


What you will need

  • Tissue core (long and short)
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Peanuts


Step 1: Cut out a circle for the elephant’s/pig’s head and decorate it. Make a small hole for its nose. Insert the long tissue core into the hole, making the elephant have a long nose. and the short tissue core for the pig.


Step 2: Place the paper plate on top of a bowl


Step 3: Feed the animals

You can always try feeding different animals! You can even try letting them use spoons to practice their self-help skills! Who knew the kids would enjoy such a simple activity like this, I guess sometimes, over analyzing things takes the fun out of it.


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