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Experimenting with Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Whitening Gel

by on Oct 2nd, 2012

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Getting whiter has never been a problem for me. Most friends used to say I was TOO white and so I tried to tan myself a bit. However, getting white underarms is a different story. When we reached puberty, shaving became inevitable. Most women don’t like to talk about it, but we all know the facts.


I personally don’t think I have dark underarms, though I don’t think they’re perfect. I used to love plucking them when I was young which resulted to me having chicken skin. Moreover, constant shaving makes the hair grow thicker and darker which I really dislike.


When I first receive my complimentary tube of Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Whitening, I obviously said I didn’t need it. However, my friend Bea convinced me to just try it. She told me it has more benefits than just whitening. So here I am now, finally trying it. So far so good, and I must say I’m starting to actually like it. All you need to do is apply it every morning when you wake up and at night before bed. Make it part of your routine. Also, though the box suggests you to put deodorant after it dries, the product itself already deodorizes. So unless you stink really bad, there’s no longer a need to apply deodorant. The best part about it is that it’s not as expensive as it looks. It’s actually less than 200 pesos! So instead of buying your usual deodorant, why not grab a tube of Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Whitening and hit several birds with one stone. I’ve been using Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Whitening Gel for 2 weeks now and I think I’m falling in love with it. ;)

Experimenting with Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Whitening Gel


I’ll be telling you more about my experience after I get to try the product a little bit more! Meanwhile, why don’t you share your secrets to beautiful underarms. Please?


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