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Condura Skyway Marathon 2014 Officially Cancelled

by on Dec 11th, 2013

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It’s one of the runs both elite runners and newbie runners look forward to every year. It’s one of the runs most train for and several long to experience. Ever since it’s first run back in 2005, the Condura Skyway Marathon has quickly grown to be one of the most anticipated races of the year. Runners look forward to joining this run not only because of the cool singlets/shirts, awesome medals, organized run and varied causes, but mostly because it’s a rare chance to experience running the skyway! Unfortunately for 2014, those dreams might just have to wait 12 months more.


Earlier today, Condura Skyway Marathon posted an official announcement on their FB page to inform everyone that there won’t be a marathon taking place next year. As sad as I am about it, they actually have a pretty good reason for cancelling the run. Given the recent devastation caused by Yolanda to our brothers and sisters in the South, the organizers and sponsors have decided to use their time and budgets to continue helping the victims of the said typhoon.


Here is their official announcement:



Well, it gives us all 1 more year to train right? See you all on the skyway in 2015!


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visit their FB page at

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