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Classroom Door Decor

by on Aug 21st, 2011

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School in my side of the world has already started since June, particularly in the Philippines. However, for the rest of the world, school’s just about to begin! That being said, I thought I’d share with you our door decor! One is for my class and the other is for the nursery level.

So here’s my room,

the Pre-Nursery Room

This is our door. We prepared it before school started. I drew and painted the kids and the boat. The fishes on the other hand were printed and painted afterward. We then placed each child’s picture inside the bubble to make it more personal. We used blue cellophane paper to have that watery effect. I love our door decor, but I love the NURSERY’s door just as much! Check it out! :)

The Nursery Room

by Teacher Belle and Teacher Cha

Now this is the NURSERY room. I really loved their door decor! They made the stems and leaves of the flowers and asked the kids to put their handprint one by one. They then glued on the picture of each child on the handprint after it dried. Isn’t it beautiful?

Anyway, to the rest of the world who are just beginning school in September… THE BEST OF LUCK! :) Do share pictures on how you decorated the room if any by clicking the LINKY! :) Keep those ideas coming!



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