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Circle Pasting Pictures

by on Aug 5th, 2012

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A circle is one of the basic shapes the kids learn in preschool, and the number of activities we can do with it is countless! This year, we had them paste different colored circles unto a outlined picture! They had the chance to pick whatever picture they wanted and fill it up with colorful circles!


Circle Pasting Pictures

What you will need:

  • Circle cutouts (Different kinds of paper/textures)
  • Glue
  • Outlined drawing (for younger kids)


Circle Pasting Pictures

What you will do:

Step 1: Draw an outline of any image! The less detail the better! Older kids can create their own images


Circle Pasting Outlines



Step 2: Hand the kids some cut-outs to paste all over the image. Let them choose their own colors and all!



Circle Pasting in Action

Step 3: Let the Circle Pasting Picture dry and display afterward!





The children’s beautiful Circle Pasting Pictures

This was a really simple activity, but our toddlers seemed to have forgotten there was an outline! After they were done, they were so amazed with their work! They couldn’t believe they had just made a car.. or a fish.. etc!



P.S. Don’t make the outline too big though, else the children would get really bored filling it up!

P.P.S. The size of the circle cut-outs varies on the children’s age! Older children can do Puncher Pointillism, but younger ones will find that extremely difficult!



Here are other CIRCLE activities:



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