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Magical Circles with Crayon Rubbings

by on Aug 15th, 2011

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Kids love magic, and the fun thing about teaching toddlers is that you DON’T need to know the difficult tricks ‘coz it’s easy to get things pass them. Now with art, there are also TONS of magic tricks you can do with the kids. A lot of which they can do by themselves!

One favorite is the CRAYON RESIST activity.

We did this a year ago and the kids were totally amazed! We drew a boy/girl using a white crayon without the kids knowledge and let them paint on the white paper. They were amazed to see a boy/girl pop out while painting. Another thing you can let them do is color by themselves. For the toddlers though, they did not find this part interesting, especially if they were using a white crayon.



This week we did MORE magical art with CRAYON RUBBINGS! As simple as it seems, the activity really left the kids in awe! :)

What you will need:

  • Cardboards/construction paper
  • Crayons
  • White sheet of paper

What to do:

*Pre-cut the circles using cardboards or construction papers. Cut the circles into a variety of sizes! You can always go for different shapes too, we just used circles because it was our topic that time. :)

Step 1: Let the kids glue the circles on a blank sheet of paper (a scratch paper will also do)

Step 2: We used a separate sheet of paper, but you could also just use the other side of the paper. If you plan to use a separate paper, just staple them together

Step 3: Let the kids start coloring the blank sheet. Some of them rolled their crayons while others just colored like crazy!

Step 4: Display their work!

We used circles because it was part of the topic, but I can just imagine the children’s faces if we used other shapes and figures instead! I’m sure they’d be left with curious minds!

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Got more circle activities? Do share! :)


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