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Chiropractic Massage at Intercare: Aligning your Spine

by on Oct 18th, 2013

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Everyone loves getting a massage! Massages help sooth our muscles and relieve whatever pain we may be feeling from a stressful day at work or at home. I’ve had my share of massages, each type having it’s own purpose. I personally feel however that the most effective massage I ever got was the chiropractic massage I had at Intercare. Whether it was the massage itself or the person doing the massaging… I can’t really say. All I can say is that it felt REALLY GOOD afterward.


Chiropractic Massage at Intercare

I first tried getting a quick chiropractic massage from doctor/triathlete Dr. Camara  sometime last year. I wasn’t scheduled for anything, I just really wanted to try it out! The first time I tried it, the sounds of my cracking bones kinda freaked me out a bit but at the same time sounded really cool. Somehow, I felt that if he cracked it, he loosened something!

A few weeks ago, I tried another chiropractic massage at Intercare, this time with Annika Rogers. Annika, along with other friends from Australia visited the Philippines for a few weeks on a mission. They were helping “relieve” people of stress by giving them chiropractic massages. Annika and her friends were all still in college and needed to be able to try what they learned to a certain number of people. It was their choice however to visit the Philippines.

Our session started with a few basic questions about my health and lifestyle. I told Annika about the time my back just stopped working and hurt like crazy! After our short chat, she started assessing my spine through a series of exercises.




Annika then proceeded to the massage which I must say was HEAVENLY. She told me not to worry if I hear any cracking or popping as she was just going to align my spine. You see, most of our injuries, especially those sports related is may be caused by several factors – but the root of it all is the spine. If the spine is misaligned, then our whole body becomes crooked as well.


Here, Annika is telling me how one leg is slightly longer than the other! Uh-oh!


It’s important to visit your chiropractor every so often to make sure your body is always aligned. You’d be amazed how much difference having the right alignment could do. And if you’re sporty like I am, Intercare is the best place to go! They are very familiar with the world of sports, especially since their chiropractor, Dr. Martin Camara is a triathlete himself. You will be well taken care of and properly assessed at Intercare. Remember, prevention is better than cure. So got get your back checked and prevent any future injuries today.



Intercare Philippines


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