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The Results of My First 16km Run at Runfest

by on Jul 27th, 2011

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Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity of joining Anniversary Run… Runfest 2010! Back then, I only registered for the 5km race and was well satisfied with it. I never dreamed of ever running 10km, much more 16km! …which is why I can’t believe I ticked the 16km box when I registered for this year’s Runfest!

I’ve been looking forward to this year’s Runfest ever since I crossed the finished line at Runfest 2010! Sometime in January this year, a teaser for the upcoming Runfest was released! Since then, I would often check the website and Facebook page for updates on registration! It started later than originally announced, but it didn’t matter… I was SURE to register! But I had no idea what sudden spur of the moment made me register for the 16km category! (haha)

There was still a month or so before the run. I told myself, “I can do 16km! I just need to train!” Thing is… I had no time!! I tried to work out a schedule but the most I could do was around 5 to 10km a week!  Race day drew nearer and I was about ready to back out. A week before race day, I called it quits. I told my friend I’d accompany her at another run set on the same day wherein I was given a complimentary race kit. I registered for the 10km run. I was done with the 16km dream. I knew I wasn’t ready. However, just 2 days before the run. A friend of mine INSISTED that I do the 16km run! Several others did the same. I was having another change of heart! (I know, this blog post of mine is CONFUSING!)

Anyway, to cut to the point, I ended up running 16km with no training or preparation whatsoever! I even forgot to eat dinner the night before because I fell asleep! Luckily, I woke up early the following day that I still had time to eat a heavy breakfast and rest it out before gun start.There I was at the starting line! I so all the pro-runners/bloggers excited for their run! I on the other hand was shaking and feeling nervous. I knew I could finish it… after all, I could just walk it out if I really felt too tired to run… however, I wanted to finish strong. I was nervous because I felt I wouldn’t be able to finish strong. I knew I COULD walk, but I did not want to. I COULD but I WOULDN’T. Big difference! Guess I just had to trust myself and trust God! I’ll finish this… and I promised myself it had to be under 2 hours!

Gun start! Let’s get it on! I wasn’t at the 5km mark yet and I already felt my legs aching. Possibly due to lack of stretching and for not running for 1 week. Do I stop and rest my legs? Nah! Not just yet. I knew I could already run 6-7km without walking, so why give in to a little pain now? Suck it in Cheryl! Lower your pace but you can’t walk! Whooo!!  Side stitches in coming! Must be something wrong with my breathing… inhale through the nose! Relax. All kinds of pain gone… now I just feel downright tired. How many kilometers left? I see a signboard right ahead… 6km! That was JUST 6km and I already feel as if I’m about to faint? Oh no! (haha) I can do this… I can do this… run, run, run! Eat pray run!!! :D

Thanks for the picture!

We were somewhere along Lawton Ave. and I thought we would go down McKinley Road, but we didn’t… instead we went 3km straight ahead to Bayani Road. As we reached Carlos P. Garcia Ave, we finally made a u-turn! I was so happy to see the u-turn ‘coz in my mind, it meant I was on my way back! ..or so I thought! I was happily running down Bayani Rd./Lawton Ave. when the 16km runners suddenly made a turn down McKinley! NOOOOOO!!! hahaha I guess I have to suck it in a little bit longer! SEVERE UPHILL AND DOWNHILLS MAN! Boy was the route challenging! I ran at Mckinley several times before so I was used to the uphill/downhill part…however, I’ve never tried running all the way to the Brittish Embassy! Much more going down Park Avenue! To those unfamiliar with it, Park Avenue is this very small street somewhere in front of Enderun College. Small but terrible is the perfect way to describe it! The slopes here were SO CHALLENGING! I felt as if I were climbing a small mountain! Talk about an energy drain! I was just about ready to crawl! Check out the race map so you’d understand me better.

But finally we made the u-turn back and I was out of Mckinley and on my way back! FOR REAL THIS TIME! hahaha After 1hr. and 48min. I finally crossed the finish line! If I could shout I would have! I looked for my fiance and jumped like crazy out of sheer joy that I finished the race… and lo and behold, I got my first 16km medal!



After the run, there were a bunch of fun games for the runners up on stage. The famous butt spell from last year was once again played. Hosts DJ Chloe of 94.7 and the famous Rodel Argonaut did a good job in keeping everyone’s energy high even after a tiring run! There were more games after but I had to leave!


Runfest is a wonderful event for runners who wish to meet other running enthusiast. This event made me feel that it was really for the running community, wasn’t really an EVENT, but more like a hangout for runners! I don’t know that many runners yet so I was more of an onlooker, but the point of the run still got across!  Thanks and Mr. Jinoe Gavan! oh and on and added note….


photo grabbed from TKR Facebook fanpage

I’m glad I decided to run this 16km run. As John Bingham said, “The miracle is not that I finished the race, it’s that I had the courage to start!”

Next goal, 21km! :) I’m man enough! ..I hope!



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