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Superbook Reimagined: Are You Ready to Relive the Adventure?

by on Dec 18th, 2012

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Superbook…hmm… ring a bell? Superbook was a cartoon series back in the 80’s that encouraged moral values, faith in God and more. Basically, the superbook is the bible.  I grew up watching that cartoon! What I loved about it is that it didn’t really “push” or “force” kids to reading the bible, but it highly encouraged it through its fun and interesting episodes.


Whether you were an avid fan back in the day or a first timer, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has great news for you! The phenomenal 1980s animation we love is back! Isn’t that just awesome? We grew up loving Chris, Joy and Gizmo and now our kids can too!

What started as an animated Bible series for children in Japan is now a world-class animation production. Since its first airing in Japan, the Superbook series has been broadcasted in over 106 countries, translated in 43 languages, and viewed by over half a billion people!… including myself! :p Superbook is the MOST CREATIVE WAY to introduce the Gospel.


Bringing Superbook back is just the 1st half of the story, the second half is how the creators UPDATED it. Though our generation love the classical style of Superbook, today’s generation might just find it too boring and simple. So to keep up with the times, CBN together with top Hollywood producers, animators, and directors, put their minds together, and as a result, a relived, reinvented and reimagined SUPERBOOK!


Superbook Reimagined Family Day Event

Last Dec. 16, 2012, Superbook held a grand Family Day Event at Every Nation Building to give parents and kids an opportunity to spend some quality time together and to preview the new Superbook!


The event hall was filled with kids of all ages! The best thing about it is that the parents enjoyed the show as much as their kids did. In today’s world, we try our best to protect our children from the violence we see. We shield them from pain and protect them from harm. But how much are we really protecting them if everything they see on TV involves violence? I don’t think we need to ban TV watching, I just think we need to balance it out. Let the kids watch those shows, but make sure you guide them and explain it. Allow them to watch these shows, but balance it out with educational programs and character building cartoons such as SUPERBOOK. It’s about time they brought it back! This generation needs it!


Besides the show itself, there were also several booths kids and parents were encouraged to visit to enjoy some quality time together.



Superbook Classic VS Superbook Reimagined:

As soon as the show started, I was like a little girl jumping for joy. All those childhood memories just flashed before my very eyes! I loved it! We first watch the classic version before moving on to the new one. At first, I had slightly negative thoughts, thinking that they ruined what used to be a good show by changing the graphics, but I was wrong.


Not that there was anything wrong with the classic Superbook, but a few changes were made to make sure this generation would love it just as much as we did. Lo and behold, the kids clapped and cheered joyfully after the premier last Sunday. Though I grew up watching the classical version, I also had a lot more fun watching the reimagined one – something I did not expect.


Superbook: Morals and Values Learned

The issues addressed in the Reimagined Superbook were the issues a lot of today’s generation faced today. One was that of trust. Chris found out that Mary was pregnant and that the king wanted to kill her baby. He continuously worried  for their safety. Joy kept reminding him that God will take care of it, but Christ eventually came to say, “What if God doesn’t come through?” I had goosebumps just hearing that line. It’s a test of faith, one most of us fail. We often fear what God has planned for us and fear that He will not come through for us, though He always does.


“I want to help and believe, but if Mary really is giving birth to the son of God, why isn’t He helping us a little bit?” As we all know, Mary gave birth in the stable, but watching it on Superbook and hearing Chris say this line suddenly made me feel the empathetic and made me sad to think our Lord and Savior WAS actually born in a stable. Who are we to complain of what we don’t have? Sometimes, we too feel that God is not helping us. We too feel lost and alone.

Of course we all know how the Christmas story ends, after Chris realized the miracle that just unfolded before his very eyes, he came to a new conclusion,

“God’s plan DID come through, not in the way anyone expected but just the way God wanted it to be.”

Let me end this post by reminding you all to keep the faith. God will come through for us. Just wait and see. Merry Christmas everyone!



Superbook School Tour and Headquarters

Back in the day, we had the Superbook club, now they have the Batang Superbook club! Superbook is set to air on June 2013, together with it is the launch of the Batang Superbook club! After watching the show on Saturdays, the kids are encouraged to meet up on Sunday at the Batang Superbook Headquarters to discuss the lessons learned. Headquarters will be nearby churches and schools. If you wish to register your church or school as a headquarter, you may contact them at 8124747 or visit their sites on the links below.


As for the school tour, Superbook will be going around Manila starting January 2013 for some school tours. If you wish for them to visit your school, just leave them a message.







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