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Rexona Run to Your Beat: Race Results and Experiences

by on Oct 23rd, 2013

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Rexona has always been a run to look forward to because of the cool new things they introduce during their run. For the past couple of years, they’ve had a variety of gimmicks such as the Adventure Run and others. This year, Rexona and RunRio outdid themselves with Run to Your Beat.

Registration closed early for Rexona’s Run to Your Beat with an influx of runners wanting to watch the midnight concert! Several runners chose this to be their first 21k run or first ever run! In fact, the moment I posted ELMO MAGALONA’s name on Facebook as being part of Rexona’s Run to Your Beat, everyone got excited!


Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014

In hopes of seeing all the attractions in the run as well as training for my first marathon in Feb, I registered for the 21k category at Rexona’s Run To Your Beat. Gun Start was at 3am, the earliest I’ve ever begun running! The run was extremely fun and tops the list for me this year. Let me share the reasons why!

  • Awesome performances from different artists such as Elmo Magalona, Rico Blanco, Sandwhich and more! Several famous DJs like DJ Nina and DJ Khai were also seen throughout the race route.




  • A cool lights tunnel everyone had to go through with DJs pumping up the music inside

Rexona_Run_To_Your_Beat_03 (Photo by Rio)

Photo c/o Coach Rio Dela Cruz as shared through Facebook



  • No earphones, no MP3 players ‘coz there were speakers strategically placed everywhere!


  • Fireworks at the beginning of the run – though most RunRio races already do this, I still never grow tired of it.


  • Shiniest medal I’ve ever seen and an awesome finisher’s shirt
  • Rexona_Run_To_Your_Beat_04


Check out this SDE video of the Rexona Run To Your Beat 2014!



If there’s one thing I didn’t like about the run, it’s that the time difference between distances was very short. I understand that this was for everyone to enjoy the entertainment throughout the route – we can’t expect the bands and DJs to play for 5 hours right? But because of the short time difference, a lot of the 21k runners were still running while the 5k and 10k runners were already enjoying the concert. Hence, we missed most of the bands that played at the afterparty.


Looking forward to next year’s Rexona Run! Remember guys, if you don’t want to miss the party, then better register early next time!


What did you think of this year’s Rexona Run?

What new gimmicks would you want to see next year? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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