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Garfield Runners Cup UPDATE!

by on Oct 19th, 2011

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Hey guys, if you aren’t already excited enough to run with Garfield and Odie… then here’s something MORE to look forward to!

To the 5K runners….
Garfield Finisher’s Medal will be given to the 1st 100 runners to finish the race! That’s definitely something Garfield fanatics like myself would love to keep as a race memorabilia! So not only do we get to have fun with Garfield and Odie, but we get to take home a Garfield medal! COOL!
But what about the 3k runners and participants of the 500m. dash? Don’t worry guys because the organizers have also prepared a Garfield premium item for you that you could wear loud and proud! Not sure yet what it is, so I guess you guys have to wait ’till race day for that surprise!
Please bear in mind though that for  safety reasons and to maximize the experience of Garfield Runner’s Cup for everyone, the organizers will limit the participants to 1000 runners for the whole run. Thank would mean we would be expecting up to 200-300 5K runners.
Don’t miss this once in a life time experience.
For more details, check out my previous entry HERE


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